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Hublot is a Swiss watchmaker that makes luxury precision watches. It is famous for its expensive watches. The specialty of Hublot watches is that everything used in the watch is expensive. The internal components and accessories have high precision and are difficult to find anywhere else. The watches are priced so high because of the legacy of the Swiss watches and their reputation of being some of the best watches in the world.
Hublot is more modern and has a sporty look whereas other luxury watches are more classic and sophisticated. Hublot diamond watch is a great addition to the list of otherwise sporty and bold watches. Hublot offers a unique gift idea to all those who are in search of a proper gift idea for someone special who likes sports and adventure too much.
The company was founded by Italian watchmaker Carlo Crocco in 1980. Hublot is marketed by France’s LVMH. Carlo Crocco was the scion of Binda Group which was an Italian Watchmaker Company but he left the company in 1976 to carve out his own series.
He moved to Switzerland and set up a company named MDM Geneva and christened his watches as Hublot.
Hublot watches were the first to have natural rubber straps in the history of the watches. It was first displayed in 1980 Basel Watch Fair where it failed to find a single customer on it’s first day, but went on to sell watches worth $2 million in it’s first year.
Hublot has a recognizable modern bold and sporty design which appeals to many young and adventurous wealthy people. Hublot has a perfect blend of style, precision, reputation, price and worth which makes it a hot favorite of many. Preferred mostly by the youth and young adults, Hublot has its fan base in every age group.
The Big Bang series of watches by Hublot unveiled in 2005 by the Swiss watchmaker was very successful bringing in three-fold traffic and customers. The Big Bang series also won the 2005 Design Price in Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.  In Japan, it won the Sports Watch Prize and in Bahrain, it received the coveted “Best Oversized Watch” title in Watch of the Year. Hublot has never looked back since then unveiling newer and better watches every year.
Jean-Claude Biver took the company to the next level by selling watches worth 24 million Swiss Francs in 2004 to 100 Million Swiss Franc in 2006.Hublot has been partnering various sports teams to spread awareness about its brand and products. It was the official watch and the official watchmaker of the Formula 1 Racing in 2010. It was the official timekeeper of the UEFA European Football Championship in 2012 and became the FIFA official timekeeper in 2014. It is also the official timekeeper of the Manchester United Football Club.
It has also been associated with various other sports like basketball and others. Moving ahead in its endeavor, Hublot has focused on the adventure sports and travelers. To build its reputation as the adventurer’s and traveler’s delight, Hublot has partnered with Seabourne and has become an integral part of the cruise ships.
However, many critics had reservations regarding this deal but Hublot knows what it does and its aim to add more travelers to its clientele is reaping huge benefits for the company.


Hublot has built its name by making some of the best watches in the world. As per the quality, these watches are some of the most accurate ones and display precision time. The Hublot Classic Fusion Watch is one of the most unique watches in town.
The new series has aero chronograph instead of the previously used tourbillion. Hublot watches are known for being very big in size and display a sporty and outgoing look. They have a reputation that they do not look great on people with shinny hands.
The very first welcome modification that Hublot has done in this series is that it has reduced the size of the case. Even after the reduction in size, the watch has enough manly character and does not seem feminine. The watch comes in both open skeleton style as well as the packed style.
The watch is made of precious metals like the rose gold and titanium. A person would fall in love with the watch as soon as he sees it. The first impression itself is very overwhelming. The chronograph can be seen working in the open skeleton version as soon as the watch is set as per the local time.
Every movement of every gear can be seen in the watch making it a beautiful experience. The big seconds hand is for the chronograph whereas the small dial near 9 O’clock displays a 30 minute indicator for the chronograph. The date is displayed on the 6 O’clock. All the functions of the dial are adequately balanced and it does not look too busy like other models.
The new premium series has brought in the leather straps with rubber on the inside. The combination is such that it looks great from outside and is easy to wear and hold from inside making it cool and classic at the same time.The quality-price comparison of the watch is rather very smartly matched as it is neither out of bounds nor too easy to possess one.
Hublot has announced the Classic Fusion watch series to be the masterpiece and from what can be seen till now, they are nowhere wrong. It easily has become the favourite watch for many in just one view. The company has invested a lot on designing and manufacturing of the special series which indeed has been worth the investment.
The watch is made of 155 different parts and can work for five days with the help of its power reserve. The full black version gives a premium elegant finish whereas the golden tint easily shows the class. The 18 carat gold case makes it an ornament for the people who can flaunt it anywhere they go making the jaws of the viewers drop with jealousy.
The Hublot Classic Fusion series has indeed done the perfect fusion of class and style developing a whole new niche of classy styled premium watches.
Go ahead and take a look at the premium range Hublot has to offer and start saving from today to see one of these watches on your hands soon. Click Here to see more  classic fusion watches.



Hublot, famous for making exotic luxury watches has come up with a fresh design. Which incorporates the naked skeleton showcasing the smooth movement in the background. The company has come all out to impress the potential buyers who do not look at the price when it comes to buying a quality product with a premium and luxurious outlook.
The King Gold is 18-carat gold containing 5% Platinum which gives it a distinct hue. This new color and the material is a treat to watch on the wrist and indeed is the best that Hublot could have offered with the Big Bang series.
The six trademark H-shaped titanium screws ornate the bezel along the adjacent recessed areas. Two H-shaped titanium screws join the strap to the case. The black composite lateral inserts and the rubber screw-down crown are also the popular features of the Big-bang series.
Hublot has introduced the movement in the watch series and it comes out best in Big Bang very nicely. The automatic skeleton chronograph movement is relatively new in Hublot watches and the company has been aided by Zenith, the fellow LVMH watch company.
The movement display has been the favorites since its inception in 1969. The date aperture is placed between 4 O’clock and 5 O’clock and the date disc is quite exposed. The subdials are also optimally placed and the chronograph ensures that the watch does not stay behind in any respect.
The Hublot Big Bang is indeed the best model portrayed by Hublot ever. It has a fusion of sporty as well as classic design making it very different from what the competitors have to offer. The naked skeleton background of the Big Bang is the best feature of the model. The price of the model is relatively lesser than some of the bigwigs but the quality and its design is far better than those models. Click here to see more big bang watches.



Hublot is famous for some of the best and exotic watches available today. They are the true representation of manliness and build. The King Power watch is one of the most sought after watch series of Hublot.
It has a sporty look with an extended dial case making it equally muscular as the person who wears it. As the name suffices, the King Power watch appears to hold a lot of power and appeal of it and with such build, design, and internal parts; it indeed is the undisputed King among watches.
The case of King Power is made completely from fiber making it very lightweight yet durable. Hublot has its own manufacturing unit where it manufactures this special fiber for the watches.
With 48mm case size and substantially enhanced height, the King Power displays it’s macho nature in full vigor. The fiber makes the watch look smaller which allows people with relatively thinner wrists to wear them as well.
The designing of the watch has taken a lot of time and it is quite evident when worn on the wrist. The watch is very comfortable and the dial rests firmly on the wrist. The weight of the case is relatively very low and it adds to the comfort when worn for a longer duration.
The movement of the chronograph is the best and smoothest in it’s class. The movement of the gears gives a whole new experience as it shows how the time flows away very easily in the skeleton version of the watch. Using the pushers is also simple and requires very little effort.
Apart from the time, the watch also has the function to set the date. The skeleton dial is smartly decorated in such a way that it gives a new appealing look to the dial. Even though the users are concerned about the readability but there is no reason to be skeptical about it as the time can be very easily read from the new dial.
Luminova is applied to make the dial more readable under low light conditions. The white gold markers shine in the light to increase the readability. The date wheel is quite innovatively placed in the skeleton form. The luminescence of the watch is perfectly set to allow the user to see the time in the dark without causing irritation in the eye.
The logo is beautifully placed on the 12 O’clock directly on the dial.Ruthenium is used in making the parts and components of the watch which carries a reserve of around 72 hours. The tungsten rotor is skeletonized as well to add to the internal movement of the watch.
The movement can be seen live on the dial below which is very appealing. The perfect blend of each and every material and the component makes the watch an assortment of quality. The use of different materials looks beautiful and complements each other instead of encroaching on each other’s space.
If you want a sporty and adventurous watch to complement you and your body figure while speaking for your adventurous and outgoing nature, Hublot King Power watch is the best choice for you. Click here to see more King Power Watches



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