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In the growing world of luxury, you will find some of the worlds most expensive pens for sale. Designers have taken the everyday item and turned it into a thing of beauty and in its own right a piece of artwork. We invite you to come and see some outstanding works of craftsmanship, and if you have to ask “How much is it?”, you can’t afford it. Enjoy the article.

Montegrappa Limited Edition Pirate Sterling Silver with 18k Yellow

Montegrappa edition pens are famous for the engraved designs and specialized themes. This time, Montegrappa has come up with a limited edition Pirate Sterling silver pens having the 18K yellow gold nibs in the fountain pen. The pens are priced at a whopping $5,770 for each silver pen whereas its gold counterpart costs around $65,700.
Montegrappa Vintage Collection has come forward to celebrate the dreadful and combative adventures in the deep seas of the Caribbean between the merchants and the Pirates. Portrayed as very dreadful and very difficult to escape from, the Pirates have ruled and rampaged the deep sea waters near the Caribbean.
To commemorate the bold adventures of Pirates and the Pirate Hunters, Montegrappa has made the Pirate Sterling pens in silver and gold. The silver edition has 399 fountain pens and 399 roller ball pens whereas the there are nine gold fountain pens and nine gold rollerball pens.

Priced exotically high, the real meaning of limited edition has come to the forefront where the interested potential customers pay any amount of money to grab one of the limited edition pens for themselves or their beloved ones. The Pirates version is one such attempt by the manufacturers to showcase the features of the era in a single pen by engraving the details and minutes on the pen’s surface.
Pirates have had a long history with the Caribbean region and this has been represented both positively and negatively both in the books as well as in the movies.

Characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Blood have been loved by a lot of audiences and this has somewhat brought the Pirate Captains in the positive light. The pirates are denoted by a skull and few bones. The denotation has given the pirates a specific color marred with violence and bloodshed which as a matter of fact is true in some cases. The pens manufactured by Montegrappa inculcate all these details in a single pen and have come out with a creative yet defining design.
The piston-fed fountain pens and the roller ball pens are the two variants that are been put on sale by the company. This writing instrument is made in Charcoal black celluloid and the metal barrel and the caps are made by die-casting the precious metals. The pens are produced masterfully in sterling silver with yellow gold and solid 18K yellow gold.

The pen carries defining symbols and characterizations which make it all the more alluring. The intricate details consist in the form of grinning skulls with bones which are known as “The Jolly Roger”. The pen’s barrel, as well as the cap, is flooded with the representation of crossed bones and corsair’s hat. The pen’s pocket clip is made in the form of a sword.
The pen also portrays the ships in full sail with ropes and chains with the representation of the mermaid Syrena. The nib of the pen is made of 18K gold which writes in three grades namely broad, medium and fine.
Every pirate pen is packed in a specially designed treasure box made of red lacquered wood having black interiors. The highly sculptured pen built in gold and silver is a status symbol and a means to show off one’s wealth and boast of the possession of such a marvelous piece in the pocket.

Montegrappa My Guardian Angel Gold Broad Point Fountain Pen

A guardian angel is an intangible superpower that we consider to guard and guide us throughout our lives. It always shows us the right path, holds us when in distress and gives us strength from inside to fight the world with true spirit.

The guardian angel is the representative of God and it shows us the true path and remains with us whatever be the case. For all those who believe in the guardian angel, they would love to have him present with us in the tangible form as well.

Montegrappa has designed a pen which has the guardian angel sculptured on it beautifully. As the guardian angel holds us together and covers us in its veil in unfavorable conditions, the guardian angel on the pen surrounds it with its cloak of goodness and protect in from negativity and harm.
The sculpture on the pen is made from 18 carats yellow gold which sparkles enough and has high luster which makes the pen shine and stand out of the league.

Montegrappa has designed this pen and has named it “My Guardian Angel” and has dedicated it to the all helpful force which guides us in turmoil and keeps us erect and safe. Having a guardian angel with you in the form of a pen will give you a feeling that the guardian angel is all the nearer to you and it would protect you and show you the light come what may.
The pen’s sculpture is such that it appears as if an angel embraces the pen from all sides as if it is protecting it from all the evils of the world. The cap is made of celluloid and the barrel is made of cloud-like color. Turquoise details and sky blue enamel adds to the beauty of the pen. The cap has a dome-like structure on its top with the sun like rays coming out of it encircling the cap from all sides.

My Guardian Angel pen comes with a couple of bonus gifts. The package contains matching cufflinks and a wrist watch. The cufflinks sport an angel with a sword and a shield in his arms. The watches display wings and sun rays and they look very beautiful.
The tip of the pen is also made from 18 carat gold and the pen has provisions to refill the ink. Such detailed engraving is not possible for any other manufacturer to make as the class and imagination Montegrappa designers put into work is very rare to find. The quality of the pen is worth mentioning as it is meticulously designed by the highly efficient team of Montegrappa.
Montegrappa has tried to blend the mystic world with the tangible world for the first time with a very deep meaning that whatever be the case, your guardian angel will always be there to protect you and would save you from the fangs of evil.
Looking at what it has manufactured out of the imagination, it can be said that the company has performed its tasks to the best of its capabilities.

David Oscarson Trellis White and Black Fine 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Fountain Pen

The David Oscarson Trellis White and Black Pen is the seventh variant in the David Oscarson Limited Edition series of writing instruments. The company has produced only 88 such white and black pens which include both the fountain as well as the rollerback pens. These pens are produced in five different colors to allow the customers choose their favorite colored vintage pen.
The trellis collection has continued its legacy of artistic mastery along with its old tradition of old world craftsmanship. They have expertly combined many centuries-old techniques of Guilloche with the Hard Enamel art.

Guilloche is an art of carving intricate patterns which make the surface of the precious metals lively and beautiful. The design of “Leaf and Bud” engraved on the Trellis collection needs engraving in multiple stages making it a very difficult task.
The body of the pen is cut down to the level of Guilloche pattern and the pattern is then engraved on the body of the pen with leaves and the buds taking the center stage in the drawing. The pens of different colors are made by coating a hard solution of translucent enamel which is complemented well by the 18-Karat Yellow Gold Rhodium vermeil.
The David Oscarson Trellis pens series is a symbol of status among the rich and they are designed such elegantly that they display no flaws whatsoever. Priced at $5,400, the pen is worth buying if you intend to have some limited collection vintage pens and boast of being one of the only 88 people in the world to own it. These pens have very beautiful engraving which is enough to catch anybody’s attention who knows the true worth of the pen.

The artistic representation with gold gives the pen a Royal outlook and it seems it was among the hidden treasures of the king passed on to the princes from generations as a part of the legacy. The pens are available in four different variants including the black and white, red and white, azure blue and white and sapphire and white. All the colors give a different dimension to the Trellis Series.
The shoulder of the pen is carved in gold giving the feeling of writing with the help of a golden pen. The nibs are quite good as well. The roller back version is also quite in demand.
Buying such a pen with embroidery done by the fine 18 karat gold vermeil is a symbol of a millionaire. The pen would also provide an opportunity to boast about having the limited edition pen in one’s hand and gifting it to someone special would definitely make the day. The product is an exemplification of class and finesse. If you want to be one of the proud owners of such pen, please go ahead and buy one to show it off in your circle.

Montblanc 105651 Starwalker Red Gold Fountain Pen

Montblanc is among those names which need no introduction. It is a brand that makes some of the best pens in the world and when it comes to manufacturing ink pens, these pens are the best. The premium pens manufactured by Montblanc are an exemplification of quality and class. Montblanc 105651 is one such addition to its whole range of ink pens.

Christened The StarWalker Red Gold Resin fountain pen, the name justifies the class and its build. This pen has premium looks all over and it gives you a feeling of holding something that has all the beauty and smartness in the world. It has a very unique and a dynamic style.

The barrel of the pen is made from precious black resin and has gold plated details all over it. The pen has a characteristic Montblanc clip design and has a floating Montblanc emblem on its transparent cap top. It is Montblanc’s way of expressing itself. This timeless design was made keeping in mind tomorrow’s world. The pen has a hand-crafted Au585 / 14K gold nib of medium size.

The red gold nib and other detailing add a new dimension to the pen’s appearance. The red gold plated fittings and clips look magnificently awesome and go well with the design and build of the pen. Every pen has an individual serial number embossed on the red gold strip with the name of the coveted company and its symbol marked on the nib. The transparent cap top is also a new addition to the series and it is a great way of displaying the company’s logo. This innovative way was taken with open arms by the audience.
The pen has an excellent grip. The pattern made of the red gold strip ensures that it has a minimum strain on your fingers and has enough friction that would allow you to write smoothly in a lucid manner. The cap has a screw fastening mechanism which is used to shield the tip of the pen from the external world. The pen also has a screwed pattern on the end of the pen to fix the cap while writing.

The nib of the pen is also made of 14K red gold and sports the company logo with its name in capitals. The medium sized nib ensures the smooth flow of ink from the cartridge while writing.       .
The premium packaging of the pen consists of the authentication papers which show the pen is a brand new and original Montblanc Fountain Pen.
This pen is an excellent option to be gifted to someone very close. Whoever gets it as a gift would automatically understand that he is highly regarded by you.
Montblanc 105651 is one such pen that everyone who sees it wants to buy. The body of the pen shines a lot owing to the precious black resin used in manufacturing the body of the pen. The premium pen adds to the class and personality of the person. The red gold accentuates and adds to the already engaging looks of the pen.

Pilot Sterling Collection Fountain Pen, Limited Edition Jaguar Design, Broad Nib (60689)

The Pilot Sterling Collection Fountain Pens are some of the best fountain pens anybody can imagine to have. The pilot has come up with a limited edition Jaguar design pen having broad nib. Only 550 pieces of the pens are manufactured and each pen has a Jaguar design etched on the barrel of the pen and the cap sports a bamboo jungle which probably is home to the jaguar.

The pen is a perfect combination of both calligraphy and art. The pilot has perfectly blended art and design and has sketched the nature on the pen’s barrel. It is a combination of the traditional techniques and the modern innovation and has become an epitome of quality and class.
The pilot has always been making special pens and the Jaguar can aptly be said to have paid perfect tribute to the art of old as well as modern pen manufacturing.

The body of the pen is made from hand wrought sterling silver which is the primary feature of the Namiki Sterling Collection. Silver adds grace and elegance to the pens. The pen is perfectly accentuated with the medium, 18-carat rhodium fine gold inlaid nib which is known for the smooth writing experience it provides. The limited edition Jaguar pens are available in matching rolling ball pens version.
The pen has an elegant cap with trademark pocket clip with a ball at the end of the clip.
The name PILOT is inscribed on the cap in capitals which comes out to be a commanding way to showcase the brand name. The pen is anti-corrosive and rust-proof and is coated with an enamel based coating which prevents from scratches and cuts.
The grip of the pen is made from a special plastic polymer which even after being smooth offers a perfect grip on the fingers allowing the writer to write for longer durations without any effort. The nib allows the writer to write in a lucid manner as it glides over the paper demanding literally no effort from the writer.

The specially designed nib ensures that the pen has a higher operational lifetime. As no extra pressure needs to be applied on the nib for writing smoothly, the nib can go on for long without wilting easily.
The fountain pens from Pilot are known for the quality and the class and the Namiki series of silver body pens which are differently yet magnificently designed have added a feather of excellence to the brand. When the world is craving for gold plated and gold striped pens, the Namiki series which sports silver body have paved a new path for the innovative designers.
Every pen is packaged in a rich black gift box which exudes class like the pen it holds. Namiki series pens are a revelation for every connoisseur or the collector of pens. It would make a great gift for a person whom you value a lot. The family member, or a friend or client, who gets this gift from you, would know what position he holds in your life. Namiki is synonymous with creativity and class and it is an ultimate writing tool.

PILOT “CUSTOM 823 – Plunger Type / Transparent Brown” (nib : Fine)

Pilot pens, known all over the world for their quality and class have come up with Custom 823 model of ink pen which is one of its kind developed by Pilot Pens. The pen is strangely designed but it has a huge number of followers and is breaking the sales numbers since the day it was launched. It follows the genealogy of “CUSTOM”.

The CUSTOM series of Pilot Pens have been manufactured keeping in mind the imagination of the designers and the challenges the manufacturers have to face in making them. “CUSTOM” has now become the glory name in the industry.
This pen has a moderate thickness of axis, has a standard length, beautiful shiny nib, and extravagant body. Holding the pen in hand makes the person write beautifully, such is the beauty of the pen that the hand simply glides the way the pen wants to dance on the paper. The pen uses a plunger system which can pump in more ink every time it sucks the ink from the reservoir. This interesting sucking system uses the vacuum to fill the barrel with the ink. The skeleton body of the pen allows you to watch the mechanism of ink filling.
This innovative idea of allowing the people to see the mechanism of filling the ink has garnered it many buyers. To fill ink, you have to just turn the knob and pull the stick till the ink is filled in the reservoir. The ink gets filled in the reservoir in moments and you can see it easily from outside.
Once the ink is full, the knob is loosened a bit to allow writing smoothly. This allows the ink to swiftly flow into the nib. The ink dances along the skeleton axis when the person writes. The scene is so fascinating that once a person looks at it, he would love to watch it again, and again and again.

The plunger system is used in the pen because it can pump in more ink than the rest mechanisms. In the regular line, it is the maximum amount of ink that can be stored or pumped into the reservoir of the pen. “CUSTOM” pen is known for its usefulness to write. More ink means the person would be able to write more per refilling process. The plunger system prevents the ink from leaking out and it also stores more ink.
The nib used in this pen is 14K nib which is #15. This majestic pen has moderate toughness and softness for writing. The nib is arc-shaped making it look elegant in design. The nib is used in a pen to allow the person to write smoothly and the 14K nib does its duty exactly it is meant to.
The nib has a good balance and it can be used meticulously to write in a magnificent handwriting. The ink used for the pen is INK-70 which flows out smoothly and gives the writer a very lucid experience. The pen comes in a special box package which is offered with only premium pens.

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