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Have you been looking for a unique gift, that is personally crafted specifically the way you would like it to look?

Stacey Cain is the creator and founder of Expression of Love – Book Creations (EOL). Stacey has mastered the art of a unique gift idea of book folding that brings a personal touch to any gift occasion.

What is book folding?

elvisEssentially, book folding is a very creative way of re-purposing old books. The pages of the books are literally folded to form letters, words and images. These are created using templates which can be purchased or even self-designed.

What makes Expression of Love – Book Creations a great gift idea?

Each book is unique and is created with thoughtful consideration of what information Stacey is given about the recipient. For example, a color, word or image that has significant meaning to the person or a specific occasion the gift is for.

Each book is also uniquely decorated from the cover to the ornamental/ decorative finishings. Stacey is quite gifted in bringing together all these elements to create a gift that is specific to each individual.

Stacey aims to not only create a masterpiece that is lovely to look at, but also one that has specific or significant meaning that will touch the heart of the person receiving the gift. We can often purchase gifts that are not exactly unique or maybe even mass-produced. Although they can be very nice to look at, someone else somewhere in the world has the same ornament or lovebirdsdecoration on their bookshelf or mantelpiece. An item that is less unique will often have a shorter shelf-life (pardon the pun), as it may not hold the same personal meaning as an item designed and made specifically for the gift recipient.

When ordering your unique folded book from Stacey, make sure you mention any specific details about the person you will be giving the book to. For example, what colors do they like or attach specific meaning to? What flowers or other decorations do they like? Is the gift for a specific life event?

What occasions would this gift be suitable for?

There are many reasons or occasions that this unique gift would be suitable for. To name a few:

  • Birthday
    Designs can be fun, serious, festive – whatever suits their personality, or even the theme of the birthday party.
  • Engagement
    Many engagement gifts tend to focus on something homey that can be placed on display. It is an exciting time of love and adventure. A romantic design for all to see would really suit this occasion.
  • Weddingblessed
    A wedding would have to be one of the few occasions that people really look for something different and unique to form the theme of their day and also to have keepsakes that truly represent their unique day. This would make a great gift from someone who knows the couple well, to really help capture their special day for years to come.
  • Wedding decorations and centerpieces
    What a lovely way to decorate the bridal or gift table at a wedding reception.
  • Births
    A great way to decorate a new-born baby’s room, using the baby’s name or a descriptive word, like “Love”, “Precious” etc. This would be a fantastic keepsake for the child to grow up with and even keep as an heirloom for their latter years.
  • Wife, Daughter, Grandmother, Grand-daughter
    Book folding really lends itself towards displaying beauty. This is a great way to appreciate a Grandmother for her depth of beauty, to value a Grand-daughter with something pretty to reflect an aspect of who she is.
  • Book-lovers
    A book lover will most likely have one or more bookshelves packed full of great reads. There may not be too much room for anything other than books, but there is a good chance they might just make room for a book with a difference that encapsulates something about who they are.
  • Familyfamily
    Many families like to have family portraits every few years, but these are not always affordable for all families. A book creation can be designed as a memoir that really captures the uniqueness of the family. Families grow up and grow old, but their family culture is likely to remain the same and can be a great basis for a book creation.
  • Yourself
    Of course, we can drop hints as much as we like about a gift we would like to receive, but you may have a design in mind that could really make itself at home at your place.  Perhaps there is a space patiently waiting to be filled with one of these creations.
  • Corporate / Retirement
    It can be hard to get creative with corporate gifts for valuable staff, business partners, customers and clients. We are more often than not reduced to gift vouchers, which although may be greatly appreciated, do lack somewhat of a personal touch. We may not be that great with writing words in a card, but there may be one word that is particularly meaningful to a person that we can dress up in a book to give the ultimate personal gift.
  • Christmas
    There are so many words and images of Christmas – where do we start? Again, start with something that is meaningful to the person you are giving the gift to – how do they view Christmas, how is Christmas special to them?
  • And so many more gift ideas …

There are a number of ready-made book creations for sale on the Expression of Love website. These represent a great cross-section of some of the different types of designs that are easily achieved through the art of book folding.

side-viewIf you are looking for something with a more specific design, click on the Made to Order menu item to start a dialogue with Stacey about what you have in mind. Once you have clicked on “Made to Order”, you will see a new page pop up that will help you start your own design. You can choose from a variety of Fonts, Color Palletes and Techniques available.

Once you have chosen a font, color pallet and technique, enter your details and include the correct spelling of the word or name you would like the book folded into. If you have any other specific requests for the decoration or other aspects of the book, include this information in the Message section on the same page.

Stacey will then organize a quote for you as soon as possible and would be more than happy to see how she may be able to assist with any specific requirements you may have.  This will include any additional shipping costs for deliveries outside of Australia, so make sure to include your country in the Message box, if not in Australia.

We have our own folded book made by Stacy at EOL, which proudly sits on our bookshelf among other treasured items.

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Decor Books from Amazon

Most of us have a bookshelf or a corner of our hose that needs a little something. Having a set of well placed decorative books can drastically change the feel of a room, and most certainly engage people as they entre a room and have been subjected to a plethora of books.
You will be able to enhance the look of your room as well as promote the idea that you have read every book on display. Sometimes a little bit of illusion can go a long way.
So here are some options for filling a bookshelf or display cabinet without having to go searching all over town for all the right books.

Choosing décor books will give you an advantage, as you will be able to strategically choose the exact book design for the look/feel you want.
Most book box sets are just fake books, and the can also function as a secret stash place for certain valuables. (maybe your gold collection).

Some of these books open to reveal a secret storage compartment, which is really a unique safe. Book safes can not replace an actual metal safe with a lock, but because the book safe blends right into its surroundings, they’re an excellent place to hide valuables and other semi important items like paperwork or your special keepsakes.
You can find a Faux Book Safe Set is an excellent place to hide cash and important papers within the “pages”, place on your library bookshelf or in your office and no one will be the wiser. Another option for using these book safes as keepsake boxes on top of a dresser to hold jewelry, headbands, make-up, or that old wedding photo of your mum and dad.
Put a couple in the corner of your desk to hold writing supplies. We will show you some that are, discrete with an intricate designed exterior,and looks like an antique classic.

Other books are just old recycled books that have been dressed up or have been manufactured to look a certain way. They may have been changed to look like leather bound books or just stressed in a way that makes them look old.
If you need to cover a lot of space, I would suggest getting a mixture of the two, real and box sets. It would be awkward for someone to try and pick up a book only to discover that all of your books are fake. I would suggest using fake books up on a high self, and using real books at the lower levels.
One of the other major advantages of buying all your books in for this project is that you can plan perfectly what colour scheme you want to go with.

You can choose from a wide variety of different book types. For example, you may want to go for the old library look, so you will want a vintage collection of books featuring varying colors and have a tastefully weathered look, plus you may want to mix in a few Faux leather book boxes to mix it up a bit.
Or you may want to go all classic with an entire range of Faux leather books along side of a collection of World Poetry theme book box set, on the cover of each book is the Library of World Poetry, one of the most famous poetry collections from Longfellow to Shakespeare and everything in between. The book set is perfectly designed to be arranged on a large bookshelf, or on the coffee table or fireplace mantle.

On the other spectrum of having the “Older” look, you may want to go for a “Brand New” look, which is also available. And choose a color scheme that you like. Perhaps you will require all white books to go into your little book nook, it will brighten everything up, and can leave you to be more creative as to where you want to place your color. You will then have a nice bright canvas to add all your little accessories to add the color where you like. Perhaps it’s a little plant, a photo, or flower arrangement.
This is a fantastic design, this is a Wood Leather Book box set of 3. This will elevate any book shelf to a new level. This is a personal favourite of mine.
These Wood Leather Book Boxes can be used as a unique storage option, or as a clever hiding spot for your treasures or the TV remote.

Here we have a wonderful collection, its the Deco 79 Wood Leather Book Box set, these come in a whole variety and colours.
Suitable to use as a decorative item,best for both indoor and outdoor use and are non corrosive. So as you sit back and read your favourite book and sipping on your favourite herbal tea, you know your books will look great forever.

What else can i say, I am sure that this box set collection could set off some fireworks.
Library Books Faux leather Book Boxes Set of  3 Large Set, A class apart storage addition, well seasoned quality wood. Excellent Quality, Great Gift Idea.
Produced with the highest grade materials, Satisfaction Ensured.

Ye Olde Style, so if you want to go for the “Im older than Mosses” look, this is it
Made of wood and leather, this is a great book box set to keep all your little secret treasures hidden. Each book is an ancient representation the coveted Holy Bible.

And now for the crowd favourite- the Book Safe.
There would be nothing to stop anyone actually walking out the door with this one, however ,this is a tidy and discrete way of hiding away some of those thing that you call valuable. maybe its a few old photos or maybe its the battery to your Childs annoying toys. Discrete with an intricate designed exterior – looks like an antique classic and a Beautiful decor piece.
Gold-tone imitation book pages, brown Kraft box with magnetic closure for a perfect finish.

These will mix things up a bit, sticking with the old book theme, but not as old as Mosses!
If your looking for something unique and elegant to spruce up your storage space- Then this set of 6, book themed storage boxes with inscriptions and intriguing  book covers. Dyed in various shades and different textures.

The Red and Gold collection- you better get your smoking jacket on and warm your whisky.
This is a “vintage look” collection of red hued books with gold embossing and trim. A Perfect choice for libraries, offices, and studies, also perfect for design accents anywhere. Phylum Design has many styles and colors available.

Another book safe- you can never have too many.
This Les Miserable Locking Booksafe has steel safe within book with  a key lock, its compact lock box is disguised to appear to look like a hard back paper book. From the exterior of this safe looks 100% like the well-known novel and could easily fool anyone.
The exterior is made of real paper and individual pages, while the heart of it is a lockable safe.

You can always grab your tools and make something wonderful to put on your book shelf, or maybe build the bookshelf yourself;)

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I just love this idea. My cousin did this as a thank you to her wedding guests. I thought that was such a special and meaningful gift. It of course took her months as so many people attended. She did it for immediate family only. They were truly beautiful.

Meredith @ Wired for Coffee

Wow! The folding art books are awesome. When I saw the first couple on top, I thought they were carved images. I can’t imagine the time that must take to fold those.
I’ve got a little extra space in my living room, thanks for the ideas of using books to turn it into something pleasing to look at and use.


What a brilliant idea to gift someone the expression of love book creations! Thank you for introducing me to this unique way of giving such a personalized present. We have a number of big events coming up in our circles and I will be back here to examine potential gift ideas further. I also like the Amazon Decor Books, and the option to have a beautifully designed book cover serving as a secret storage compartment. Thanks for your thoughtful selection of those gift ideas.


What an amazing gift for the book lover and such a creative way to re-purpose old books! I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s great that they offer a “made to order” service because this looks very time consuming. Will certainly keep this in mind, possibly for a future birthday gift!


Woah, these are really nice! What a fantastic gift idea they would make! I would probably get one for my mum, and she could put it on her little book shelf in her room. Would look pretty cute


What a beautiful idea. I love the personal touch of the folded pages of a book. It is very unique and beautiful.
One of these would make a lovely gift…


This is an amazing gift idea! I can already think of several people in my life who would appreciate and love a personalized gift like this. So unique and beautiful! Thanks for the idea and the resource.


I really love the book folding Stacey, it’s mind blowing! I saw a documentary on TV about people doing that but I didn’t know I could buy one. A great gift idea.

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