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Start your own distillery today

Something is cooking in the kitchen, and it’s not Mom’s meatloaf.  Lets have a look at another great unique gift idea for that unique person in your life. Whiskey and moonshine distilling have a rich history in almost all cultures around the world.  The simple process of distilling has brought us the great whiskeys of Ireland, vodkas of Russia, and the exotic rice wines of Asia. 

And in America…well there is hardly anything as American as a hidden wood fired moonshine still deep in mountains and hills of Appalachia.
Of course you don’t need to be an overall wearin’, banjo pickin’, tobacco spittin’ hillbilly to enjoy the ancient art of distilling (though it doesn’t hurt).
Home brewing and home distilling have recently gone mainstream and can be enjoyed by anyone.
All you need to do is grab yourself a new copper still, and decide on a moonshine recipe, and start cooking.
Once you have made your moonshine, you can add all sorts of different flavourings to get the right liquor for you.
So, now when you fire up the BBQ smoker, you can fire up your still and party like it’s 1935.

Fun Facts About Moonshine

The name
The word moonshine was used long before prohibition to refer to unsavory and usually illegal activity that people would do under the cover of darkness.  Then prohibition came along and an entire industry of illegal activity was born.
Moonshine has other names too like white lightning, and mountain dew.  White lightning because moonshine is clear and has an alcohol content that hits you like lightning, and mountain dew because it’s made in the mountains and shows up in the morning, like dew.


Did you know that illegal alcohol gave birth to the most popular sport in America?
During prohibition good ‘ol boys would trick out their cars in order to outrun the cops and smuggle moonshine into the cities.  One day someone came up with the bright idea of racing the cars round and round in a circle, and so the great sport of stock car racing was born.
Even today, alcohol plays a big role in Nascar with sponsorships and all the drinking that goes on at the races.

Legal trouble
In America moonshining, or making liquor of any kind, at home is still illegal.  While home brewing beer and homemaking wine are perfectly legal (so long as you don’t sell it), making distilled spirits at home has always been against the law.
So why are wine and beer legal but not liquor?  Well it goes all the way back to George Washington and the American Revolution.  After the war America was in a tremendous amount of debt and so the new government decided to levy a tax on whiskey to help pay it off.  Considering the Americans had just fought a war over oppressive taxes, they weren’t too keen on the idea.

Farmers and country folk from western Pennsylvania rose up, in what is now called the Whiskey Rebellion, 
to fight the tax authorities.  George Washington sent troops to stop the rebellion and make sure everyone paid the tax.  Ever since, liquor has had a heavy tax and moonshiners have been dodging that tax.  Even today the State of Virginia estimates that they fail to collect about $20 million because of moonshiners.
Even though distilling liquor at home is illegal, stills themselves are perfectly legal.  Why own a still if you can’t make liquor?  Well, you can distill water with them, you can make fuel alcohol (with a license), you can make essential oils, and you can make wine.  Of course, if you decide to make a little white lightning every now and then, we promise not to tell.
Distilling today is not only a great way to let loose your inner hillbilly, but is also a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by yourself, your friends, and your family.

5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still

The 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still (almost) comes with everything you need to get up and running.  Included in the package is the pot, cap, thumper, worm, and thermometer.  Everything comes pre-assembled and ready to go except for the thermometer, which you will need to attach yourself.  The only extra things you need are a few compression fittings, which you can find at any hardware store for a few dollars.  The fittings are needed to attach the lyne arm to the thumper, and the thumper to the worm.
This Copper Moonshine Still is made from 100% copper and boy is it gorgeous! The polished copper is not only durable, long lasting, and sterile, but it also makes you feel truly authentic.  When you get this thing up running you really feel like you are in the backwoods of Franklin County, Virginia.  The 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still makes you want to grow out your beard and learn the banjo!
This still is made using lead free solder, which is important for making safe to drink alcohol since lead is poisonous.  The soldered joints are well made for the most part but you should check all of the solder points when you receive your package.  Check for any holes or leaks and also check for excess solder or flux that might need to be sanded off.  If you come across any bad joints, defects, or bad craftsmanship, just contact the seller on Amazon.
The pot can safely hold 5 gallons of wash for distilling.  When full the still will produce about 1 or 2 gallons of alcohol per batch.  This still can be used to make whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, vodka, or moonshine.  It can also be used for making essential oils, wine, or just distilling water.


Lead free solder
Produces 1-2 gallons of whiskey or moonshine per batch
Still need a few compression fittings
Can hold 5 gallons of wash
Handmade in usa
Overall this is a great product for beginner or even more advanced distillers.  The quality build and materials ensure that this still will last a long time.  Meanwhile the beautiful polished copper will turn to a rich patina that will signal your experience in the art of distilling.

3 Gal Stainless Steel Alcohol Water Distiller Moonshine

This 3 gallon home distilling kit is an all in one kit that comes with everything you need for home distillation.  The unit is also fairly compact and and is assembled as one unit that is much easier to store and transport than other multi unit stills.
You may be asking yourself why this still is stainless steel while so many others are made of copper.  Well, that’s a good question to ask before dropping a few hundred dollars on your new hobby.  Copper and Stainless steel have different advantages and disadvantages when it comes to distilling. The advantages of copper are that it is a better conductor of heat than stainless steel and it removes sulfur compounds in the product.  Also copper is easier to work with if you were to make your own still or distilling components.However, with this unit, most of the components are stainless steel, but your moonshine will still run through a copper coil.
The advantages of stainless steel are that it is cheaper and more durable than copper and is easier to keep clean.  Another advantage is that you can distill fuel alcohol with some stainless steel stills, while that isn’t usually possible with copper.
This still comes with a detachable reflux steam drum so that you can add flavorings to your drink or so that you can make fuel alcohol (make sure you know which is which!).  This adds an extra element of creativity to the mix.  Try throwing in fruits or other items to add a punch to your liquor of choice.  With this still you can make whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, vodka, moonshine, wine, as well as essential oils, and fuel alcohol.
I should point out that this unit is made in China and so it doesn’t have the same long lasting quality as an American made still would.  But it’s low cost and workable size make it a great pick for many.


Stainless steel with a copper snake
Detachable reflux steam drum for adding flavors
12 L ~ 3.2 gallons
The 3 Gallon Home Distillation Kit is a great option for beginners who want a no hassle still.  The still is an all in one unit and is easy to handle and transport, or to store away.  It’s also easy to use and to clean.  Newbies who are looking to dip their toe in the distilling hobby will appreciate the low price of this complete kit.

8 Gallon Moonshine Still Kit

Another great option for beginners is the 8 gallon Moonshine Still Kit.  This still is an all in one unit with the bare necessities for getting started with distilling.  Included in the kit is the pot, thermometer, and the worm.  The pot is stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning, while the worm is copper to ensure fast and even cooling. One great feature of this still is how easy it is to disassemble and clean.  The entire top comes off the pot so you can really get in there and clean all the corners.  You don’t want last week’s mash screwing up this week’s bourbon!
As I mentioned before, stainless steel has a few advantages over copper in still construction.  A major advantage for beginners is the cost difference.  This unit is well priced and even includes free shipping!  New brewers who want to explore the hobby before getting too invested will really appreciate this unit.
This still is great for making whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, cognac, vodka, moonshine, wine, and essential oils.
You will also get great customer service on this product if you run into any problems.  Shipping is fast and the seller is very responsive.


Complete, all in one kit
Works well and customers are mostly happy
Made in China and while a great starter unit quality is lower than more expensive units.
This 8 Gallon moonshine still is a great still for beginners.  It’s simplicity and price make it an excellent entry point into the hobby of distilling spirits.

5 Gallon Clawhammer Supply Copper Moonshine Still Kit

For the tinkerers, DIYers, and more advanced distillers we have the 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit by Clawhammer Supply.  Clawhammer Supply is one of the biggest names in home distilling.  Their products are quality, 100% made in America, and backed by a company that loves distilling and and loves their customers. This product is a make it yourself still.  Which means it will require some hammering, bending, and soldering.  The kit itself comes with pre-cut copper sheets and tubing, as well as joints, rivets, and your thermometer.  You will need to get your own torch and lead free solder as well as any fittings you may want for running water through the condenser.
Sound intimidating?  It isn’t!  Many of Clawhammer’s customers have never soldered before in their lives.  It’s really not that difficult and the pride of having built something with your own hands is it’s own reward.
Clawhammer Supply produces loads of great content to help you assemble and use your new still.  Just check out their YouTube channel.  The company is also very responsive if you run into any issues during assembly or use. Once finished, the Clawhammer Supply 5 Gallon Copper Still is a work of art and makes a damn fine moonshine.  This still is one unit rather than separating the pot from the condenser, which has some drawbacks.  One drawback is that you don’t have the option to run the vapor through a thumper to bump up the proof.  Of course you can always double or triple distill your product to give it an extra kick.
If you do a good job of assembling the Clawhammer still you will have a still that will last a long time and look like a work of art.


3.5 feet tall
Yield 1-2 gallons of alcohol
Self assembly – need solder and flux as well as other tools
Does not ship to North Carolina
Most buyers are first time solderers – anyone with basic mechanical ability can do it.
The Clawhammer Supply 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still is a top quality product that distillers of all experience levels will enjoy.  This still is great fun to build and even more fun to use.  I highly recommend Clawhammer Supply stills and think this is a great product that everyone will love.

See video below on how to build the 1 gallon still, the same technique is applied for the 8 gallon,

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Talk about a unique gift idea, this is an awesome idea. Thanks for providing such detailed info on this moonshine still and how to put one together. Really awesome stuff, I’ll consider this when I get my own place where there’s enough space to set one up!



    Fantastic, Thanks Nick


I want one of those! Well, I want the copper and hubby likes DIYing and tinkering and building something useful. The Copper Moonshine Still Kit looks just like the ticket. The video was brill. thanks for helping me find a perfect gift for me, err, I mean hubby :).


    Hi Ines, Fantastic, i hope your husband enjoys his time building and cooking up batches of moonshine. Thanks for checking out the site

Nick (The Lawnaholic)

I’m pretty sure this is the most information I’ve found out about Moonshine in one place! Definitely some interesting facts about things like how Nascar was born? That’s a new one for me. I know that there are dozens of sponsors and A TON of beer influencers going on since one of my family members got to work for a well-known beer company. She got the chance to go around to events as a sponsor and give out free stuff.

It’s amazing at what it takes to brew this stuff. And, the fact that people have worked on it for so long! Talk about trial and error…



    Very Good, we are glad you like the article, thanks for dropping by, don’t forget to like us on Facebook to stay up to date with unique gift ideas


I’ve always wanted to make my own moonshine and this looks like it will make the process much easier! The 5-gallon kit is really sleek and compact, I think I’ll go with something like that compared to the 8-gallon kit.

The time-lapse video was a fun watch and I appreciate that you included a link to recipes as well.


    We’re glad you enjoyed it, tell all your friends


These are not only useful, but beautiful too. Thanks for the history and the information as well.


    Thanks for stopping by Quinn, i hope you find a unique gift


I used to joke with my wife about making moonshine 🙂 With the information you provided, it actually looks doable even for me! I love the history lesson and the interesting facts about moonshine – very interesting. What a unique gift idea! Thanks!

Dave S

Great stuff! I have a friend who does his own distilling…..I will refer him to you!


    Well done, thanks Dave.

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Great post, is there a Clawhammer Supply website or smth? Thank you in advance!

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