How do I look after my Silver Bullion Collection?

How To Look After Silver Bullion Coins

When you collect and own precious metals, you need to understand how to care for them. All to often, some people’s attempts to clean or protect the quality of their bullion can actually increase the deterioration of the metal, ultimately lowering its value. It is a lot easier to keep a coin clean and protected than to restore it once it becomes dirty and

Tarnished Silver Coin Photo Source

Tarnished Silver Coin
Photo Source

tarnished, and in the event that you are able to clean and restore it, the metal rarely returns to its original mint form. Let me give you some tips to preserve the condition of your precious metals by appropriate handling, cleaning and storing. On the most part, I don’t handle my collection. I do however; have a couple of smaller pieces just for handling.

Handling Your Metals

  1. Avoid unnecessary handling of your coin/bullion.
  2. When handling, I suggest you wear lint free gloves. Because your skins natural oils can be corrosive to the metal. Do not use plastic or latex glove, as they have lubricants and powders that may also be harmful to the heath of your bullion.
  3. If you choose to handle your metals, use a hand sanitizer before handling, and wash your bullion afterwards to remove any dirt or residues.
  4. Try to handle your coins/bullion by the edges, avoid handling the face so you can’t damage the design.
  5. Don’t handle tarnished and pristine coins together, this may cause cross contamination.
  6. Resist breathing on your silver, as this will cause spots that are very difficult to remove.
    Clean Silver Stack

    Clean Silver Stack

  7. If your coins need to be cleaned, simply wash in mild soapy water with a soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly. And the dry completely before storing. Do not use any special cleaners- they will be too abrasive and will cause damage.
  8. Coins/bullion must be dry before storing.
  9. When storing and displaying your silver coins/bullion, avoid using plastic sleeves, these are not airtight and can let moisture in. PVC and other plastics release acidic gasses that cause corrosion.
  10.  The best options are- airtight containers or a shadowbox for display  purposes.
  11. Avoid storing tarnished and clean bullion together.
  12. Storing bullion with silica gel is a good idea.

Silver Bullion Coins are not only are way less costly than gold bullion coins but are also easier to maintain and preserve. They need less attention than their golden counterparts. As silver bullion coins are not as delicate and shiny. The silver coins do not tarnish like the gold coins, but still if there are any stray marks or any disfiguring, the value of this bullion coin depreciates as well.

The silver bullion coins are easy to clean and store. A silver coin can be stored in a hard case wrapped in a soft fabric. Even though it does not need a thorough cleaning but cleaning the surface with water and a smooth brush can bring back the lustre of the coin.
There may be various methods, which people may be utilizing to store their silver bullion coins at home. However, it is our duty to find our own safe place to hide our coins without the threat of it getting stolen. Making one’s own customized safe or vault is always a better paying off option.

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