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PancakeBot 3D Food Printer

This is Fun, this is Clever, it is the Future – it is The PancakeBot 3D Food Printer. You will be able to introduce this fun gadget in your home, and bring joy to pancake time like never before, with your very own artistically created pancakes. You or your children can create almost any design and turn it into a pancake.
This is a great example of merging technology with culinary skills.  The use of 3D printer technology has impacted a lot of areas of our lives and now has a creative impact on food as well, with PancakeBot being one of the pioneers of this field.

This equipment will not only inspire your cooking skills, but can also put an extra twist on your pancake breakfast. This has been designed for kids and adults alike so that anyone who wants to try it out, can do so with little effort and ease. You can make pancakes of any size and shape in no time, even creating your own design for special occasions and celebrations.

What does the printer look like?

Right from first glance, this appliance looks like one of the most marvellous inventions of technology. It looks like a flat printer, very flat, – suitable for cooking pancakes. It looks like a fusion of a cooking griddle and a printer, and you can just imagine how creative you could be making pancakes of all shapes and sizes to keep the big kids and the little kids screaming for more.  All you need to do is feed in your pancake design, add the batter and end up with a perfectly cooked pancake.

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If someone told you that you could make pancakes using a pancake printer and some software even 10 years ago, you would have thought they have gone mad. However, this pretty cool piece of technology has made it all possible.  Now, using a very simple set-up made of a few knobs, very simple software, the right materials and some patience, you can start experimenting and make the most inspired pancake that you have ever had.

How does the printer work?

The basic principal of 3d printing is that the building, or in this case cooking material is squeezed out layer by layer and the required design is built or cooked. So in the case of 3d food printing, the pancake batter is loaded into the printer and then it is squeezed out layer by layer onto a flat surface. As you can see in the video, the PancakeBot 3D Food Printer has a nozzle type of thing on the top which is used to squeeze out the pancake batter onto the griddle plate below.

3d food printing is suitable for cooking food that is flat in nature, and nothing can be more flat than a wallepancake. That is why this pancake robot was made, so that everyone who enjoys eating pancakes can now make it without any hassle. With this amazing product from PancakeBot, the morning breakfast, the evening snacks or the sudden urge for pancakes in the middle of a sleepless night can all be taken care of with ease. Even someone who has absolutely no idea how to cook a pancake can make a delicious and mouth-watering pancake using the PancakeBot and probably end up surprising themselves at the result.

What are the features of this printer?

Use ingredients that you like
The concept of 3d food printing was introduced because it allows the use of unconventional cooking materials to achieve that perfect taste you might be looking for. For example, if you are wanting to create a pancake with healthier ingredients, proteins from sources like algae and beet leaf may be a good option. So you can also try making pancakes with different kinds of ingredients, including the unconventional ones, and see how the textures and taste turns out each time. This unique pancake robot gives you the freedom to experiment with your cooking as well as designing skills so that you can perfect your expertise with the help of one of the best inventions of the new age.

Batter Dispensing System
The first wonderful feature of this appliance is the batter dispensing system. The batter is what you use to

make the pancake, and the batter dispensing system is installed right on top. It has a very fine nozzle that has been tuned to be accurate to the order of millimetres. So with the help of this wonderful system, you can go wild with your designs. You can have a go at making anything you want – pancakes of any shape and design that would be impossible to make by hand.  The PancakeBot will produce the shape and design perfectly with the help of this batter dispensing system.

Software to produce designs
If you are wondering how you are going to create your masterpiece and then make the PancakeBot use your design, then rest assured, there is an easy to use software that comes with the printer ready to upload onto your computer. You need to install this software on your computer and then connect it to the PancakeBot. After that you can trace out any design or shape and the PancakeBot will produce a pancake that looks exactly like your design. Another advantage of tracing out the designs on the computer is that you can keep them for future reference as well.

One of the most impressive features i thought was this: The PancakeBot company has already made allowances in the device, so it can be upgraded with software to increase its performance. So you will be able to upgrade the software to make your printer run better as they develop more efficient programs.

Easy Clean Up
Another important thing associated with cooking is the cleaning up afterwards. If you have tried making pancakes before, you will know that the pancake can stick to the bottom of the utensil and that can be troublesome to clean. Now cooking on a 3d printer, you might be really worried about how to clean it. To make things easier for you, this product comes with an amazing feature. The electric griddle that is used in this appliance is non-stick so it is easy to clean. On top of that, a removable probe has been included making this very convenient and quick to clean.

Free from Harmful Plastics
When you are cooking pancakes for your family, health is a major issue. Cooking with plastic utensils has always been a thing of concern because plastics can contain different kinds of chemicals.  One of the most harmful chemicals used in making plastics and resins is Bisphenol A or BPA. If consumed, it can be really harmful to your health and that is why an attempt is being made to manufacture BPA free utensils and products. Luckily for you the only plastic part in this appliance that you need to be concerned about, the batter dispenser, is absolutely BPA free. So health concerns are not an issue when you make pancakes using the PancakeBot Food Printer.

Recipes provided

PancakeBot has provided you with the most astonishing piece of technology that can help you cook the best pancakes without knowing all the little details. You can literally print your food and both the texture and the taste can be perfected in a few simple steps. It helps if you know the very basics like your Grandma’s recipe for the perfect pancake or the basic ingredients it takes to make a pancake. However, for those who have absolutely no idea how to make a pancake, have seen it advertised on TV shows and always wanted to make one, PancakeBot Food Printer comes with a handy recipe book as well. This book has recipes for some of the most delicious pancakes using a variety of ingredients. The other reading material that you get as a part of the package is an easy to understand quick guide which has answers to all the FAQs and guides on how to use the device properly to make the perfect pancakes.

Simple Operation
If you haven’t done so already, take a look at the video at the top of the page to get an overview of how it works.  The controls on the PancakeBot are really easy to understand and can help you make the perfect pancakes. The first button is the power button, and then there is a start button. You have a display to see the details. Then there are two other buttons and a knob that allows you to control different aspects of the printing including the pressure of the batter dispenser. This complete control over how the batter dispenser works lets you execute your designs to perfection and cook the best pancakes ever.

The PancakeBot Food Printer is SD card compatible. So you need to design your pancakes on the computer using the software that is provided to you as a part of the product. After you are done with the design, you can load it on a SD card and then transfer the SD card onto the PancakeBot along with the design. The PancakeBot then prints out the personally designed pancake for you. The appliance might look like a big and clumsy machine but it is really easy to disassemble the PancakeBot and then store it in a small cupboard. When you need it again, you can just take it out of the cupboard and reassemble it with great ease. If you have any difficulty you can refer to the quick guide which is also included as a part of the package.

Colours & Warranty
The PancakeBot Food Printer is available in two colours, but black is the more preferred colour. It is available at the nominal price of less than $260 dollars and the manufacturer gives a warranty on the product as well.  This can be the best addition to your collection of cooking appliances and your contribution to the advancement of technology.

What to watch out for
As with all gadgets, there are some setbacks. you may find that the operation of the printer is a bit slow. However it is part of the process of getting a design on your pancake with various shading, with requires different cooking times. And it may take a few trial runs on getting your own design to work. You may need to make adjustments to cooking temps and the batter recipe. But with all good things, we sometimes need to put a little work into them.

What is our Verdict?

We think this is a pretty smashing idea that would make a great gift for any occasion.  Some of the top advantages are it is easy to create designs and it is also easy to clean – you really need a no fuss approach for this kind of investment.  Being a compact designed product, it is relatively easy to store and not take up too much room in the cupboard when not in use.  As mentioned, you will probably need a little bit of patience with it to get the perfect pancake.  If it doesn’t work out right away, try adjusting the batter or the design.  As it is a cooking appliance, it will need the appropriate amount of time to create and cook the batter, so don’t expect a result too quickly.  Once you are a bit more familiar with the product, you will be able to make some pretty impressive designs to show off some new skills.

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