27 of the Best Survival, Tactical, Military and Hunting Knives

We have put together a comprehensive list of knives for you to choose from. We have selected a wide range of Hunting, Survival, Tactical and Military Knives from around the world. All of them are a symbol of quality and unique design. They will be great as a first knife of your collection or better still as an addition to what you already have. There are many favourites here, as i am sure you will have a few of your own.

   U.S. Army, Aluminum MARPAT Camo Handle, Black Blade, ComboEdge.

The US Army uses some of the best and most sophisticatedly designed knives in the world. This very knife caters to most of the situations and can be used as a multi-purpose tool to them. This knife finds itself in the every list of must haves prepared by the security forces, camping groups, wild voyagers and adventure lovers. The knife can be folded and is a 3.3” long knife when closed. It has multiple cutting edges with variedly serrated edges where every pattern is present to counter particular on-field obstructions. The blade itself is non-uniform and has toothed edge near the base on the cutting edge whereas it is curved above it. The pin-pointed end can be used as a glass breaker or ice crusher. Three rectangular grooves are present on the blade which is used to fulfill various jobs. The blade of the knife is coated with a black anti-corrosive and anti-rusting coating to make it functional in any condition. Made from treated aluminum, the handle of the knife is designed in such a way that it fits the fist adequately and it is tough to make the soldiers release the knife after they receive proper training. The pivot is made of strong and non-wearing material ensuring that the knife has a longer operational lifetime. The color and the print on the handle itself tell that the knife is specially built keeping the security forces in mind. The special weapon of the US Army is finally available for sale.

 TOPS SURV-TAC 5 Survival Combat Knife by Joseph Teti.

The TOPS SURV TAC-5 knife is similar to the STAC-7 knife having the same design and all the specifications but is a bit smaller in size making it a very smart weapon to strike when one on one combat is in progress. This knife is very lethal and can inflict fatal injuries if used properly. The knife can be used from three sides as two of the blade edges have different cutting edges and the pointed end is also equally lethal.   The knife is 11.25” long whereas the length of the blade is 5 1/2”. Made of high-grade High Carbon Steel, the blade is non-corrosive and has anti-rusting properties. The thickness of the blade is around 3/16”. The Black Traction Coating ensures the operational lifetime of the knife is increased. The handle of the knife is 5.75” long and is made of Black Linen Micarta. To carry the sharp double-edged tactical knife, a special case is designed made of Combat Ballistic Nylon Sheath.   The knife was designed by Joseph Teti who has served in both US Military as well as the US Governmental Special Operations Forces. He has brought in all his experiences to design a knife which is not so complex in design but is very effective. The blade of the knife has plain straight cutting edge on one side whereas it has sawback cutting edge on the other side. Both the edges converge at the top making a pointed sharp edge which can be used from breaking glass and crushing ice.

   TOPS SURV TAC 7 Survival Tactical Knife by Joseph Teti.

This tactical knife is designed to be used in close combat conditions while handling the the wild boar one on one. The specially designed edges of the knife are meant to wear out the muscles and the body once it comes out of it after penetrating it during the combat. The double edged knife is very lethal when used after proper training and it is used mainly by the US Navy seals and US Army apart from US Government Special forces like the counter-terrorist units. The knife is designed by Joseph Teti who has served in both US Military and the US Governmental Special Operations Units. He has put all his experiences and learning to use while designing this simple but very effective tactical knife. There are two knives in the Series STAC-5 and STAC-7, where STAC 5 is a bit smaller in size and is operationally more effective as it occupies very less space and needs less air to strike from close proximity. The total length of the knife is 14” whereas the blade is 7” long. The blade is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel which is a high-grade steel used for extreme conditions applications. The blade is just 0.25” thick and has a black traction coating. The double edged knife has plain edge spear point on one edge and has sawback on the other. The handle is also 7” long and is made of Black Linen Micarta. The knife is so sharp that it has to be carried in a specially designed Combat Ballistic Nylon Sheath which is handcrafted in the USA.

 Spyderco C186TIP SLYSZ Bowie Folding Knife, Titanium, 3.42-Inch.

Spyderco Bowie Folding Knife is one of the most used knives of the US Army. It’s plain sharp edge can be used to tackle many routine tasks and ease the work of the security personnel in any region. The knife is a result of the collaboration between Spyderco and the polish knife maker Marcin Slysz. The knife has an overall length of 7.79” and measures 4.37” when in closed form. It is a foldable knife having the pivot between the blade and the handle fixed by an oval headed screw rivet. The blade is made of high-performance CTS XHP Stainless Steel blade and is full-flat ground to enhance the surface finish and maintain the uniformity of the surface. The length of the blade is 3.42”and it has an oval hole near the base of the blade with the sign of the company near it. The handle of the knife is made of titanium which makes it lighter as well as stubborn to rusting and corrosion. The handle has a thumb ramp which is used to improve and enhance control over the weapon. A unique G-10 backspacer is used along with a reversible wire clip which is used for tip-up carry. The two parts of the handle are joined with each other with the help of a variety of screws and fasteners to make space for housing the sharp blade in a closed condition. When properly trained, the US Army personnel can be very lethal while having only this weapon in hand.

 Spyderco Brend-Pirela Mamba Plain Folding Knife 3.77″ Blade.

The Brend-Pirela Mamba Folding Knife is a result of the culmination of three knife experts, well-known designer Joel Pirela, master knife maker Walter Brend and state-of-the-art manufacturers Spyderco. They have teamed up to make an advanced factory folding knife. The blade of the knife is made from CPM-S30V Stainless Steel. The knife sports legendary custom grind lines contrasting bi-toned finish which is the trademark of Brend. In this knife, he has used Titanium Carbonitride (TIC) coating on the bevels and with a satin finish on the flat face of the blade. To ensure crisp operational facility, specialized ball bearing washers are used in pivots. It allows lightening fast opening. The knife has a unique flipper design which offers great opening leverage which serves the purpose of guarding the hand when in the open position. The handle of the knife is built on the skeletonized titanium liners which also are used for the knife’s stout liner lock mechanism. These liners are accentuated by the expertly machined solid twill carbon fiber scales which is not only visually striking but it also provides additional strength to the structure of the knife. The Brand-Pirela-Spyderco combine has included a contoured, specially designed pocket clip which supports the right side for the tip-up carry for convenience in carrying and operation. The overall length of the knife is 9 ¼” and the length of the blade is 3.77” whereas the knife is 5.48” long when closed. The knife is apt for hunting in the woods and also is a great showpiece of art.

 RPW RPWRPWX46OD7T Knives Fixed Knife Model X 46 Utility Survival.

RPW RPWRPWX46OD7T is a utility survival knife has a multi-purpose field design which can be used for a wide range of jobs. It is generally used for bush crafts, hunting, camp utility, egress and for tactical encounter and fighting. The knife is ideal for military application, wilderness survival, and trail hiking. The knife is made under the joint efforts of the Robeson Knives and Calico Forge Knife Company. It is a one piece A2 tool steel knife having armor OD green CeraKote finishing. The overall dimension of the knife is 11 5/8” having a blade of 6 ¾” tanto blade and is 0.25” thick. The blade of the knife has a hollow ground standard edge and false top edge. The oval hollow handle comes with “No Slip” and integrated glass breaker and a guard. The steel pommel has two lanyard holes at the bottom of the handle and a braided cord lanyard. The handle of the knife is air and watertight and comes with a desert tan special operations belt sheath and braided cord lanyard. Designed to suit the user, the knife has an excellent grip which can be firmly held in the hand and the braided lanyard ensures you keep hold of the knife under threat without any chance of losing it. Used as a multi-purpose knife, its features like sharp edged and multiple cutting angles blade, the ice and glass breaker ensures that you can easily face any condition and come out of it with ease without any problem.

 Orvis Edition Engraved Bottega Knife.

The Engraved Bottega Knife of the Orvis Edition is a folding knife having an engraved pattern on the handle of the knife near the shoulder. Designed by Master Engraver Dario Cortini of the Bottega Incision di Cesare Giovanelli, the team of twenty engravers meticulously creates these designs on the knife’s handle. Each engraving is done by hand under the supervision of Dario. He is recognized all over the world for engraving the firearms, knives, watches and jewelry. The engraving by hand ensures a high amount of detailing and contrast. Each engraving is unique in itself and as it is not done on machines, the designs vary from each other. The blade of the knife is made of high-quality 440A Stainless Steel which is rust and corrosion free. It is highly lustrous and sports a shining appearance even after being used for long. The knife comes with Cocobolo handles with a satin finish locking liner. The package contains a leather pouch as well which is used to hold the knife when taken outdoors on camping or wild tour. The length of the blade is 2.75” making it relatively small knife. However, the overall length of the knife after it is fully open is around 6.5”. This limited edition knife is a perfect example of high-quality work and is more of a show-off stuff rather than a combat knife. But the quality of the blade is still one of the best available. If you are a fan of vintage and limited edition stuff, the Orvis Edition Engraved Bottega Knife is the one for you.

 Orvis Beauchamp Ironwood Knife.

Imagine a premium historical knife in your hand which is a perfect mixture of modern craftsmanship and heritage design. Orvis Beauchamp Ironwood Knife is one such knife designed and manufactured by the craftsman Gaetan Beauchamp who lives in the Canadian city of Stoneham, Quebec. The ironwood knife has hand-worked blades specially crafted by Gaetan Beauchamp himself. Making such knives is his way of preserving the historic culture and the French Civilization’s identity in North America which is prevalent in and around Quebec. Beauchamp is known for making heritage knives which are made from stainless steel having Damascus fixed blade. The blade is effectively and artistically held in a smooth and classic ironwood handle. Ironwood is known for its hardness and sturdiness. It also offers an earthy feel when touch and looked at. The blade is rust and corrosion proof and the handle is coated with anti-wearing coating to maintain its lusture for longer duration. The overall length of the knife is 8.5” with a blade length of 4”. The blade is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of ironwood. The knife comes with a premium black leather casing which is designed to accommodate this heritage knife in a stylish manner. The designs carved on the blade of the knife are engraved by Beauchamp himself allowing him to depict his imagination on the blade in a beautiful manner. Every knife has a different design and each one is better than the other. As the knives are handmade, they carry a huge price with them which itself is enough to make them premium.

Officially Licensed RAMBO I MC-RB1 Hunting Knife Set 14-Inch Overall

Officially named and licensed RAMBO First Blood Part I Fixed knife RB1, this knife is indeed the knife for the Rambo. With a length of 14”, the width of 2” and an overall thickness of 1.5”, the knife is a lethal weapon when it comes to hunting or praying. The blade of the knife is 9” long and is made of 440 Stainless Steel and the blade has the thickness of 1/4”. Many similar knives are in the market which is sold in the name of Rambo Knife. A green cord is used to wrap the handle of the knife for extra gripping. To counter this, the company issues a certificate of Authenticity with the knife so that people may differentiate the authentic product from the fake ones.   The Rambo Knife is made from high-grade, strong and tough stainless steel and can rip through any material with ease. Specially designed for rough outdoor conditions, the knife finds a place in many kits including the survival kits for fishing line, matches, hooks sinkers, razor, etc. The knife is extensively tested before being marketed for fatigue and wearing strength. The knife is an epitome of quality as it never wilts down to menaces like rusting and corrosion. The cutting edge is specifically designed to cater to multiple usages. It can be used for hunting, cutting branches of trees, cutting the raw meat and performing a similar task. A person who has this knife in his hand fears nothing, not even when he is alone in the jungle surrounded by lethal animals.

 NEW Rock Salt Orange Handle With Sheath Perfect For Your Zombie Survival Kit.

The new rock salt orange handle knife is a great thing to have in your possession when you are chased by the zombies or the half dead because a single strike from this knife can be fatal if struck nicely.This knife will be an essential part of your preppers list along with your gold. The series is a limited edition knife and has a hollow-ground, 100 percent rustproof and corrosion proof steel blade made of H1 Stainless Steel. The handle of the knife is made of high visibility orange FRN handle scales.   The length of the blade is 6.75” and the overall length of the blade is 12.24”. the blade of the knife is fixed and plain edges with a curved surface. The knife is highly versatile and is also very light in weight. The knife is accompanied by an injection-molded polymer sheath and also has a G-clip attachment.   The blade is so sharp that a small contact can rip the person apart thus a polymer sheath is provided to cover the knife when not in use to ensure safety. The knife has two holes, the circular one on the blade and the other polygon-shaped hole on the handle to allow the string to be attached to it.   Specially designed for close combat conditions and as a weapon of personal safety, the blade of the knife is double edged and has a pointy end which can be used for breaking glass or crushing ice. The handle is designed in such a way that it is relatively impossible to snatch the knife from the person who holds it. The patterns made on the handle increases the friction making the handle firm and strong.

 Muela Replica 18th Century Navajas Folding Knife 8-Inch, Black Packawood Inlay Handle.

Muela Replica is the knife of the past with a quality and the material of the present. It is a perfect blend of old and the modern art of knife making. This knife has taken inspiration from its ancestors, the Navaja knives which are still known as one of the best knives in the world. The classic designs were created centuries ago by the Spanish Knife makers. The knife has a blade made of 440- Chrome-Vanadium-Molybdenum Alloy Martensitic Steel. On a Rockwell Scale, the blade has a hardness ranging in between 54-58 degrees. The knife is a replica of the 18th Century design and also features the age old lock back system. The handle of the knife is perfectly decorated with contrasting colored materials. The background of the handle sports dark blackish brown shiny texture with golden dots near the edges to beautify the appearance. The knife is manufactured by Muela Knives division of the Joy Enterprises. Each knife is specially handcrafted in Argamailla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, Spain. The knife comes with a lifetime warranty coming directly from the Muela’s Authorized agent from North America, Joy Enterprises. If you want a knife that has a feel of the past but the quality of the present made in the state-of-the-art facility, then Muela Replica 18th Century knife is the best option for you. The knife has extremely sharp edges and can cut through anything like a piece of butter. The plain edge of the blade is sharply ground to cut deep and smooth.

 Mission Knives 0717PS. 

Mission MPS 0717PS knife is a one-piece knife made of titanium. The material ensures it would never yield to corrosion or rusting. It is a non-slip magnetic knife which ensures it would have a better grip and can be held firmly in the hand under trying conditions. The blade has high wear resistance and it can cut through most of the substances without causing any effect on the material of the blade. The knife has been designed after taking inputs and suggestions from various US Special Operations Personnel and agencies like US Marine Recon Units, NAVAIR, Army Special Operations command and avid designers of the industry. The knife can very easily slide into the pilot survival knife sheath and can also be used by the mountain climbers, hikers, campers and backpackers as a life-saving multi-purpose tool in the terrain and jungles where they tread. The knife is overall 9.75” in length and 0.25” in thickness. It has 5” partially serrated blade with Black G10 Onlay handles. The blade also has a partial saw back on the opposite edge of the knife. The knife comes with a molded black Kydex sheath having black nylon belt loops. Listed at $774.98, the knife is available at a different price on different websites. The knife is designed to be used in those conditions where normal knives start underperforming. It is highly reliable and robust. With its multi-faceted design, the knife can aid in serious conditions. The sharpness of the knife allows it to cut through anything quite easily without wearing out. If you want a knife that would never betray you, then Mission knives 0717PS is the best money can buy for you. Click here to see more Mission Knives.

 MicroTech Anax Titanium & Damascus Knife by Marfione Customs.

MicroTech Anax Titanium And Damascus Knife is a highly customized knife series manufactured by the knife maestro Anthony Marfione. It is a type of foldable knife. The knife is milled from a solid piece of titanium and weighs around 5.3 oz and has a blade 3.75” long. A grooved depression runs throughout the blade length towards the edge opposite to the cutting edge making it easier for the person to open the knife. The blade is made of elmax steel and carries the sleek and overall design of the Anax knife. The blade is attached firmly to the handle with the help of a ceramic bearing pivot which is strengthened by an additional plate for super smooth action which is made keeping in mind not to fade in the longer run. The pocket clip is also made of titanium which is machined and the edges chamfered making it pocket-friendly and safe to use by using a silicon nitride ball bearing. The foldable knife is easy to open and operate and it does not slide back to the closed position every time it is opened. The blade is beautifully and uniquely decorated with a black layer and a special design makes the blade look fabulous. The handle is also made of pure metal. Even though it appears as if it is incomplete because no gripping material is used on the handle. However, it is what is the biggest selling potential of the special knife manufactured by Anthony Marfione. Click here to see more from MicroTech.

Mark II – Box.

The all black doubled edged Mark-II knife is what most people would want to have if they are to face a deadly opponent. It is one of the best selling knives of all times. This knife was first introduced in 1966 and it has been on the most sold knives list since then. Mark II tactical knife is serialized for collectors. The knife is highly valued and is also considered as half a century old jewel. The knife sports a black oxide coated 420 HC double edged blades which are serrated from both edges. It has a die cast aluminum handle. The blade is 6.5” long whereas the complete length of the blade is around 12.75”. The knife weighs 8.0 oz. The blade is designed in such a way that the edges near the base of the blade are serrated and the upper portion of the blade is plain ground forming a sharp tip at their junction. The handle has a mandrel like a shape which can be held firmly in the fists. The machine sharpened edges promise to cut through any material very smoothly and if attacked with such a lethal weapon, there would be very little chance of surviving the attack. The shoulder of the handle is protruded giving the support the hand needs during combat conditions. It also saves the hand from slipping onto the blade. Having a Mark II- Box by your side would ensure that no one would dare to mess with you as the knife can very easily rip apart the surface or the body that comes its way. Click here to see more from Gerber Blades.

 Marfione Custom Sigil Copper Chasis Damascus Blade.

The Marfione Custom Sigil Knives have a solid copper tumbled finished construction of the handle. The blade used in the knife is the Hattori San Mai Cowry-X core Damascus blade which is hand ground to improve the luster and the surface finish. The bronze hardware accentuates the knife. It also has a Cowry-X Damascus Steel plate on the reverse side of the edge. The copper back strap also has the model info and other details like the serial number marked on them. The knife has the overall length of 8” and the blade length of the knife is 3.5”. The blade has a thickness of 0.16”. The handle of the knife is 4.5” long and 0.52” thick. The Sigil knife comes with a blade deployment of flipper style having a large thumbhole in the Wharncliffe blade style. The lock bar style mechanism is used in the knife which is the refined and redesigned design that works effortlessly in this case. The knife is a result of the teaming up of two custom knife makers, Derek Munroe and Marfione Custom Knives. The knife has all the signature designs and touch-ups developed over a period of past thirty years. The Custom Sigil knife has all the fine styles of Munroe and mastery of Tony. It comes with the tri-angled fasteners and spring loaded pocket clips like that seen in Tachyon 3. Each knife is included in a presentation box specially designed for the purpose. The box also contains the certificate of authenticity of the metal and a zip pouch. Click here to see more from Marfione Custom Knives.

 Knives of Alaska 00159FG Magnum Alaskan Guthook Knife, Black.

Gut hook knives are meant for the real hunters. A hunter who loves to remain half the year in the forest hunting the beasts and devouring the meat finds his best companion in the gut hook knife. The Knives of Alaska 00159FG Magnum Alaskan knife is a meticulously designed and fully operational skinning and peeling knife which is also used for field dressing. The knife has an efficient gut hook style blade on the spine of the blade. The blade is designed for the hunters to go “non-glare” and thus has ceramic peened finish on its surface. It is more like a matte finish which does not shine a lot giving the prey a hint of becoming alerted and running away. The blade is made from D-2 high carbon tool steel which has undergone processes like double-draw tempering and cryogenic treatment to name a few. These processes make the blade hard and tough but decrease its brittleness and improve strength. On a Rockwell Hardness meter, the hardness measures 59-61 degrees. The cutting edge of the knife is 18-20 degrees bevel. The blade length is 4.5” with a gut hook on the spine of the blade. The sharpness of the blade is worth mentioning as it is ground smoothly to form a uniform textured surface finish even on the cutting edge. The knife comes with a hard leather case to carry the knife. The brown leather case has a loop on the top end to fasten it to the belt or string it to the belongings. The blade of the knife is held back firmly in the case which is protected by a press button.Make sure that this knife is on your hunting checklist. Click here to see more Knives from Alaska.

 Ka-Bar Adventure PiggyBack, All Stainless, Plain – KB5599BP.

Ka-Bar Adventure Piggyback knife is a single material fixed blade tactical knife having a shiny luster and smooth surface with pointy tips and sharp cutting edges. The knife is made from high-quality stainless steel and it also has steel handles. No other metal or another material is used to define a handle for the knife. The knife can slide through anything very easily and conceal without letting anybody know about the presence of the lethal weapon. It is basically designed for self-defense and is meant to be used as the last resort. The blade as well as the handle of the knife is made of high-grade stainless steel which is non-corrosive and has anti-rusting properties. The knife is non-reactive to low strength acids and bases making it a multi-purpose tool. It can be used both as a tool and as a weapon. It makes for a great gifting option for the friends and the family on special occasions. This naked weapon has a sleek design and has a relatively 2-D shape. The small blade continues as the bigger handle having two massive holes cut out of the handle to allow the fingers to hold it firmly and also reduce the weight of the knife considerably. It can be used as the combat knife as it has the potential to cause lethal injuries. The knife is manufactured by Ka-Bar and the knife is also in the form of a bar. It is very economical and makes for a great multi-purpose knife which can be kept at home. Click here to see more from Ka-Bar.

 ISAK Survival, Hunting, Tactical, SWAT, Commando Israeli Army Knife, Sanding Finish. 

The ISAK fixed blade knife is the best knife designed to be used as a tactical and close combat knife. The ergonomically designed handle of the knife fits in the fist very easily and the combatants can hold it with firmness even when they are unbalanced. Designed to have a deep impact, the edges of the knife are very sharp and can inflict fatal injuries. The ISAK knife is a hunting, survival and tactical knife which is often used by the SWAT Commandos of the US Army and the Special Commandoes of the Israeli Army.   The knife has an overall length of 11.7” with a blade length of 6.7 inches. The blade is made of 440C grade Stainless Steel which is non-corrosive and does not rust even in highly humid regions. The blade has a sanding finish which makes its surface uniform and smooth. The blade has a plain edge and a clip point which helps in properly balancing the knife in close combat conditions. The handle is made of G-10 material which is a fiberglass based laminate. The handle of the knife is of 5” which can be held easily in the hand. It allows for better holding and handling of the knife. It is designed to strike with minimum interference. Click here to see more from ISAK.

 Genuine Gurkha Kukri- 46 inches long.

“The Buff Head with 46” blade Kukri – the largest Kukri ever made in GKH factory in Nepal- Rat tail tang Rosewood handle, leather Sheath The 46 inch long Gurkha Kukri is probably the longest kukri and is the trademark variety of knife of the people of Nepal. It has a 10” rat tail handle which is made of strong rosewood. The 36” long blade is made of high grade carbon steel which is highly polished. The overall weight of the big knife is around 8 kilos and comes in cotton covered inside buffalo leather scabbard. The Kukri knife originated in the Dharan of East Nepal, the Himalayan nation, known for ice capped mountain peaks. The kukri is known for chopping off the head of a buffalo in a single strike in the largest Nepalese festival called Dashain. The big knife is considered as a symbol of victory and undefeatable power. It is very handy when it comes to exploring dense jungles and fighting an animal in its own natural environment.   The blade of the kukri is curved and is made of water tempered high grade carbon steel which not only makes it tough enough but also helps in reducing the brittleness of the blade. The package also contains two small knives “Kardha” and “Chakmak”. Chakmak is a blunt knife and is used to sharpen the Kukri whereas the Kardha is a sharp knife which is used for precision works like skinning and peeling. Click here to see more from GKH.

  Cold Steel San Mai Laredo Bowie Black Linen Micarta Handle (Sheath).

The Cold Steel San Main Bowie knife is a simple yet very sophisticated knife as per the design and appearance. As a hunting knife, what matters the most is the quality of the material from which the knife is made and the ease with which it can be used. While hunting in the forest, the person has to strike and retract and again strike and retract to counter any retaliation. The knife is designed in such a way that it penetrates the body deep as soon as it is striking. It is known for the fatal blows it makes which is really difficult to escape. The blade of the knife is made of VG-1 San Mai III Stainless Steel and is flat ground for a uniform surface. The blade is 10.5” long which gives enough weapon to hit the prey. The thickness of the blade is 5/16” whereas the handle is 5 3/16” long. The handle is made of black Linen Micarta which is robust and durable enough and can be used in any circumstances. The knife comes with a black leather sheath to carry it. The knife is being made in collaboration with the two organizations, Cold Steel and Laredo Bowie. Both are well-known for the quality and the design of the products they manufacture. The vacuum heat- treated blade is strong enough to hit and penetrate the body like a knife penetrates butter. The knife has an incredible balance and has huge cutting power and when used expertly, it can become a ferocious dagger from which people would love to stay away from. Click here to see more from Cold Steel.

  Cold Steel Espada with Polished G10 Handle.

Espada knife is a joint venture of custom knife maker Andrew Demko and Cold Steel President Lynn C. Thompson. They were of the view to bring together the old world craftsmanship and the modern world mechanics advancements and the development in material technology to develop a product which is not only classical in shape and design but is very strong and durable quality-wise. Espada was famous for making some of the best and most elegant swords of all times and Cold Steel is renowned for the designs of its tools and weapons. The knife series comes in three sizes namely medium, large and X- large. The medium knife has 3 ½” long blades whereas those of large and X-large are 5 ½” and 7 ½” respectively. The handle sizes also vary accordingly where the medium version has 5” handle, the larger version has 6.75” long handles and the biggest sized knife has 9.25” long handle. The blades are made of Polished G-10 with Polished 7075 Aluminum bolstered frame. Made of Japanese AUS 8A Stainless Steel, the blades are 4 mm thick which is enough to strike a massive blow. The knife comes with a pistol-shaped handle which ensures a firm grip on the weapon. The handle is strongly curved and has grooves for fingers. Aluminum billets are used to increase the strength and reduce the weight of the knife making it more agile and lethal. Owing to these strong and appealing features, the knife is rightly called a “Pocket Sword”.

 Cold Steel Espada Large, in XHP Steel 62NCL.

The Cold Steel Espada knife is a large foldable hunting knife having Kukri styled blade. Col Steel is known for breaking away the convention and coming out with the products which it thinks would lead the trend. Thus every time there had to be a reform in the knife making industry, Cold Steel has participated with full vigor to present some of the most innovative and customized knives in the industry. The Cold Steel Espada knife spans around 12.25” when opened. It has a handle of 6.75” and the blade is made of polished G-10 with polished 7075 Aluminum. The blade Steel of the knife is also known as Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy which is known for its luster and shine. The material is very tough and can cause fatal blows while hunting. The size of the knife is a positive because it helps in hunting or killing a wild animal if you have a bigger blade of the knife and it also has a huge psychological effect on the hunter. The knife has a pistol-like handle with grooved features on it to fit in the fist during combat. The design ensures better gripping and operational leverage. The blade is plain ground and has highly uniform surface finish making it sleek in design. The screws used at the pivot are specially designed to increase the lifetime of the knife. The sharp pointed tip of the knife is very sharp and can be used as a glass breaker or as an ice crusher.

 Cold Steel 62NCX Hunting Folding Knives.

Cold Steel has always paved way for itself irrespective of what others thinks and make. It has enabled Cold Steel to lead the trend and act as a precursor. When every other company was busy making the smallest and the flimsiest knives, Cold Steel came up with this Hunting folding knife which has an overall length of 16.75” when fully opened. The foldable knife has a 9.25” long handle which completely houses the blade when in a closed condition. The blade is, however, 4mm thick and is made of Polished G-10 with Polished 7075 Aluminum bolsters and frame. The steel used in this knife is the Carpenter CTS XHP alloy Steel which is not only strong and lustrous but also is flexible and tough. The knife was inspired by classical Navajo Knives of the Spanish origin. However, this knife has a perfect blend of past and future where it is ultra modern in design and material. The weapon is available in three sizes Bold, Bolder and the Boldest which was designed to cater to each body structure and stature. The knife is expertly designed to fit in the pocket and is very easy to carry. It does not need an extra sheath to cover the blade as the blade remains hidden in the handle perfectly. The blade of the knife two sharp edges where one edge is completely sharpened whereas the sharpened portion on the other edge is only on the upper half. The top end of the blade is very pointy and its small touch can be lethal.

  Buck 193 Alpha Hunter S30V Scrimshaw Bear Insert Fixed Blade Hunting Gut Hook Skinner Knife & Sheath.

Buck 193 Alpha Hunter S30V Scrimshaw Bear insert hunting knife is a gut hook knife designed especially for the hunters who have reached the Pro level of hunting. The series has been developed and designed keeping in mind the hunting requirements and requisites of a live encounter. This excellent piece of art and manufacturing is special in a way that only 35 numbers of this knife has been manufactured by its manufacturers, Buck Knives Custom Shop. The knife is the latest addition to the Gut hook knife family and was made in 2016 in Post Falls, Idaho, USA. The quality f the knife is such that the manufacturers have offered Forever Warranty with the product. A knife is a single unit as a whole and the handle is added to it from above. The overall length of the knife is 8.75” with a 4” Satin Finished S30V blade having a gut hook on the spine. The blade has the original factory edge and is sharp enough to penetrate the body without much effort. The partial handle attached to the knife consists of Rosewood Dymondwood having Bear scrimshaw inlay on it. The knife has the curved primary cutting edge whereas the other edge sports various features like the gut hook, partially serrated cutting edge and sharp pinpoint tip. This makes the knife ready for the multi-purpose application. The knife comes with a pure leather sheath to hold the knife when not in use. The use of premium leather ensures it would stay till the knife stays. Click here to see more from Buck Knives.

 Benchmade Gold Series Limited Edition Knife.

The Benchmade Gold Series is the limited edition knife produced only 200 in numbers. Named as Gold Class Stryker (908-151), the knife is a fantastic creation. It has titanium bolstered handle with carbon fiber scales which are made by hand blended lightening strike. It also has matching pivot rings and back spacer. The knife has a blue anodized thumb stud which gives the knife a whole new premium look. The AXIS lock adds value to the spectacular knife. The blade of the knife is what makes it all the more important limited edition knife. It is a Chad Nichols Starfire Damascus having convex edges which are ground and polished by hand. The pocket clip is made of stonewashed titanium having matching bolsters giving the knife the stellar looks it demands. The AXIS lock mechanism used in the knife is patented and it is well accentuated by the blue anodized titanium accents. The folding knife is screwed and tightened with the screws of different shapes and sizes making it very fascinating to look at. The cutting edge design and shapes make it really a unique piece to have. As there are only 200 units of these knives, they can be used as a treasure and a showpiece which would make your guests go Wow! when you unveil it in front of them. The Benchmade Gold Series is a symbol of luxury and class. It won’t be found with many people on the globe. Only a handful people have it and you would be the one among them and it would surely make people envy you. Click here to see more from Benchmade.

  Anax Framelock Carbon Fiber.

Anax Framelock Carbon Fiber knife is an all black knife designed specifically to be used tactically. The knife is not like a normal daily use knife which can be used to cut vegetables and fruits. A tactical knife is specifically designed to fulfill a special purpose. Most of the tactical knives are meant for self-defense and are used when there is no other way to escape. These tactical knives are designed to kill and their one strike can be lethal. Which makes it the perfect hunting knife, if you want to take your kill with your bare hands. The Anax Framelock knife is a part of Marfione Custom Knives having 4.75” closed length with a blade of 3.75”. The blade is a tri-tone DLC coated Elmax powder steel tanto blade having tritium ampoules with stonewash finishing for the smoother surface finish. A lanyard hole is made in the handle to wire a string around it. Every knife is serialized and it comes in a premium Marfione custom box, a zipper pouch along with a Certificate of Authenticity which is signed by the maker, Anthony Marfione himself. The carbon fiber handle ensures that the grip is strong enough on the knife. The surface is specially designed to find concurrence with the palm’s skin which allows a better grip. It is among some of the knives that have smaller blades and bigger handles. Overall the knife is small in size which can be hidden easily anywhere and can be used when it is least expected to save one’s own life. This knife fulfills the purpose for what it was made. Click here to see more from Marfione.

  Tanto Point Model X-46 Utility SurvivalFixed Blade Knife with Black Finish Handles.

RPW X467TS knife has a partially serrated Tanto knife-edge on the lower part of the cutting edge of the blade. It has a fluted “No Slip” hollow oval handle with a glass breaker tip at the end along with a guard. The handle is steel pommel having two lanyard holes and a braided cord lanyard. The overall length of the knife is 11 5/8” and 7” black blade. With multiple cutting angles and cutting edges and a serrated region, the knife can cater to all the needs and requirements of the people when in need. The knife is specially designed to be used in the wilderness and in natural conditions. The knife has been designed by the collaborative efforts of Calico Forge Knife Company and Robson Knives. It comes with an air and water tight handle and the package contains a desert tan special operations belt sheath having a front utility pocket and a braided cord lanyard. The knife is guaranteed to catch no rust or corrosion whatsoever is the condition, it makes for a highly durable and reliable tool. Designed to provide solutions for multiple issues, it can be used for camp utility, bushcraft, hunting, fighting and tactical egress. The knife is ideal for those who often frequent for trail hiking, are involved in military operations and for wilderness survival. If you get stuck in a dense forest without any mode of survival, the very first thing you would like to hold in your hand is the RPW X467TS knife. It is the best knife that can be used in such conditions.

This concludes our list of Knives, there are plenty to choose from, with a wide variety of uses as well. If you are looking for more Military Gear please check out our review on 51 Military Watches  or our Wenger range.

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