Tactical Baby Gear and Army Style Diaper Bags

Baby Down!!! Baby Down!!!…… I Need a Diaper Over Here!!!!!!!!                        Photo Source
So you’re a new age guy, you take your fair share of responsibility in caring for your kids. But your going to draw the line at some fluffy Hoot the Owl diaper bag or Dora the explorer changing mat. You and your boy are survivalist, battling this world together one nappy change at a time. Now its your time Fella’s, there is a range of tactical baby gear that can suit your needs, its very practical, and you will be the envy of all the other dads out there.

Baby needs changing.... I'm going in!!!! Photo Source

Baby needs changing…. I’m going in!!!! Photo Source

No longer will you get lost in the crowds, but you will camouflage into your surroundings. No more Hoot, No more Dora, Step aside Wiggles the Boys are coming through and we will not surrender.

The Misssion

Today Mission is to head down to the shop and pick up a few things, after that you need to head over to the other side of town to drop off the package followed by collecting the other kids from school. All while you have your little one with you. So lets get you kitted out with some of the best looking camouflage/tactical gear you will ever see. There is a wide variety of stuff to choose from. So you can have a whole collection of baby tactical gear so nothing will look out of place, as everything will be accessorised.

Tactical Baby Gear Military Style Full Load 2.0

This is the go-to tactical collection from tactical baby gear. Right here you have all the essentialsin one kit. This diaper bag collection is not for your baby- Its Yours. So to be practical lets get Tactical. You will always be prepared for all kinds of “incoming!!!!” with this kit. The Full Load Kit comes with Deuce 2.0 Diaper bag, the “landing pad” changing mat, Dump and Bottle pouch, Wipe pouch, Tactical Teddy Bear, 3pk Carabineer Set & Camo DAD LIFE socks. This bag is the first-ever modular diaper bag system which allows you to fully customize the bag to fit your needs, and daily requirments. The diaper bag has plenty of room for all of your essentalls and more. It has been well thought out and has been constructed with dependable and durable materials. This kit comes in two colors to choose from- Tactical Black or Coyote Brown. Click here to see more from Tactical Baby Gear.

Tactical Baby Gear Heavy Doodie Full Load 1.0

Here we have the another version of the same pack, it come with all the same gear, however there aresome design variations to the diaper bag. The kit includes the Heavy Doodie Diaper bag, the “landing pad” changing mat, Dump and Bottle pouch, Wipe pouch, Tactical Teddy Bear, 3pk Carabineer Set & Camo DAD LIFE socks, all of this gear will come in one handy purchase. However, items are sold separately if you wish to by just what you need. Tactical Baby Gear has multiple items available for sale, Click here to see more.


Men’s tactical Diaper Bag

Check this out. This is a stand alone bag from F-Bomb. For all you blokes out there, this is acompletely different design and look to the diaper bag from Tactical Baby Gear. This is just a Bag only offer and does not include extras, however it is design with multiple compartments for stowing varies baby needs as well as an external pouch for the baby bottle. Along with other external pouches to keep everything at your fingertips. Unfortunately F-Bomb do not make any other baby products to add to this wonderful bag. You can however get F-Bomb badges to customize your kit. See more from F-Bomb here.

Men’s Baby Carrier.

This is bought to you by- Mission Control. They have a fantastic design for a baby carrier, thatgives you the flexibility of a front and rear facing design. It has multiple pockets with a fully customizable Molle front and back panel. It has a comfortable and ergonomic design for even weight distribution, amlong with an adjustable lumbar support to help take pressure of your shouders and while giving your back support. It also comes with a built in sun shield attachment to create a sun barrier for your baby, they have thought of everything. They also have mens baby back packs, and diaper bags to go with you collection. Click here to see more from Mission Critical Don’t forget to check out our range of military style watches to go with your Tactical Gear. Also, Check out my other options below.




The love of the Father

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