Tag Heuer a great present for your husband

Tag Heuer Watch – Great Idea for Husband’s Birthday

Have you wanted to cut your teeth on an affordable luxury Swiss brand watch, but unsure where to start? There is a good chance you will find the Tag Heuer range a fantastic starting point. Let’s check some of them out.They have some great looks and varying styles. I’m going to have a look at some of the popular models and leave it up to you to decide range is right for you.
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Before we head to some of the popular models, there are a couple of points that stand out for Tag Heuer as a brand. One pretty cool fact is that they have a unique claim to fame – the first Swiss watch to make it out to space was a Tag Heuer. The watch was worn by John Glenn – an astronaut on NASA’s maiden 1962 voyage to orbit planet earth. Fast forward 50 years later and the brand launched a limited edition Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX watch to commemorate this distinctive moment in history. You can still get your hands on one of these as a pre-loved item.

Also, the brand has partnered with the Formula One team for the past 26 years and this has almost certainly been an influence on their technological development. They have continued to outdo themselves with chronograph movement technology, which seems to match the racing sports field where operational accuracy is essential. In 2012, 50 years after their famed space outing, they introduced the Mikrogirder chronograph and put themselves back on top of the world with a precision of 5/10,000ths of a second. There is no chronograph faster anywhere in the world. Check out the fascinating inner workings of there time pieces in the clip below.

One of the great advantages of buying a Tag watch is that this brand is relatively affordable and a great introduction to the world of Swiss luxury watches. They are far more accessible to a lot more of the general population and you will end up with a quality high-end timepiece that will last the distance.
I wholeheartedly congratulate this company for continuing to innovate – they deserve their current position in the competitive marketplace of luxury watches.
Ok, cut to the chase – tell me about these watches?
As you can probably tell already, if you choose to buy a Tag Heuer watch, you are buying into some seriously dedicated craftsmanship. These guys are on a roll and have some great design and technology behind them to build on for future models.


Formula 1 Chronograph Black Dial Black Rubber Men’s Watch CAZ1010.FT8024
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The rubber really hits the road with this watch. And your friends will wonder how you can afford to own such a prestigious time piece. It’s the perfect entry-level watch for this world famous brand. Each time you look at your wrist, you could easily imagine yourself behind the wheel of a Formula 1 racing car. The movements on the dial are reminiscent of the complex dashboard, the black rubber strap recreating the solid and secure grip on the road along with the stainless steel case keeping everything together in a tight finish. Classic.
The dial’s sapphire crystal also adds to it’s appeal – the scratch resistance means you’re more likely to engage in your usual outdoor activities without being too concerned about what will happen to your watch. It gives you confidence to just relax and enjoy the moment you are in.
Aside from appearance, another feature is that it houses a quartz movement . The advantage of a quartz movement is that it creates a much more accurate signal frequency. It goes well with the theme of car racing – reliable accuracy and precision.
Another feature is that the watch is water resistant to 660 feet/200 meters. When looking at water resistant classifications, it is a good idea to make sure you are aware of what these actually mean. Many people have been caught out and become disappointed with their watch’s performance when it doesn’t survive the water resistance claims marked on the watch. The classifications actually measure static water rating.
So in this case, it means that if you were to attach this watch to a line and drop it straight down to a depth of 200 meters of water, without the watch actually moving or having any other pressure against it, it would survive this depth. If you were to wear this watch at a depth of 200 meters and start swimming, this would apply a lot more pressure than if the watch was to remain static.
A watch classified with a 200 meter water resistant rating would be suitable for skin diving or snorkeling or even doing the dishes on the maid’s night off. It would also work well for any surface water sports or just splashing about in your pool, however rough the sporting activity gets, you are only going to fall so deep into the water and most likely won’t be under for long enough to create damage to the seals. If you do happen to go deeper, the last thing you are going to be worried about is your watch. If you are looking for more information on water resistance ratings, this article should help answer your questions.
Even with high-end luxury items like this watch, they are not indestructible.
They are built with precision and a high quality of craftsmanship. It is a good idea to check the seals on your watch every 12 months, especially if you are going to be engaged in a lot of water activities. If you wear your watch frequently, it is going to be subject to wear and tear that may affect the seals in some way. It’s probably better to get it checked to avoid disappointment – you want to protect your investment.
This watch has character, bold by day and luminous by night, shouting confidence and clarity of direction. This watch holds back on the price, but none of the quality. It is packed full of the expectations that you will find in it’s more expensive counterpart, and you will not be disappointed.
A variation on this watch is the Tag Heuer Men’s ‘Formula 1’ Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Dress Watch-CAZ1010.BA0842


Aquaracer Black Dial BlackTextile Men’s Watch CAY211A.FC6361
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When I look at this watch, a few things come to mind. I get a picture of it’s wearer on holiday, on a yacht, moored at a luxurious port like Ibiza Magna in Spain or Marina di Capri in Italy. The highlights of yellow remind me of summer, lazy days, champagne and golden beach sand. Come night-time, it’s a classy watch and would look great dressed up for an evening out at one of the port’s nightspots. It is tailored, but is understated, so can fit a range of styles that suit you.
This watch is simple, yet detailed enough for all that you need it for. If this was my new toy, I would be heading out into the deep in my scuba gear to test out it’s 300 meter water resistance. It has large hour/minute hands that are luminous in the dark. This is great for when you’re diving through those tantalizing spaces in the rock formation beneath the surface or if you are inclined for a spot of night fishing on the boat. The watch has an automatic movement, so would suit an active lifestyle.
I mentioned the watch is understated, but it does make a statement of confidence.
There are of course variations within the series:
Aquaracer Black Dial Automatic Men’s Watch WAY218B.FC6364 – black band; Black DLC Stainless Steel case – a picture of stealth.


TAG Heuer Monaco 24 Steve McQueen Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch CAL5111.FC6299
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Take yourself back in time with a Steve McQueen Monaco wrapped around your wrist. The square-shaped design was first introduced in 1969 and the style still holds it’s weight as a valuable time piece. The Monaco series of watches are quite unique, creating their own paradigm in style of watch. How often do you see a design that combines circle and square shapes into one unit and makes the end product look great? With all the world events of 1969, I wonder if they were inspired by the space theme – it could almost resemble an astronaut’s face positioned behind a space-suit mask. I really like the design because it is different than just a round or just a square face and I think they have really made it work.
The design really came under the spotlight when Steve McQueen wore the watch in the film Le Mans, filmed in 1970. The film follows a Porsche driver and his drama of a haunting memory of the death of a previous competitor along with the rivalry with his new arch nemesis. Since the initial watch design was released, the style has developed a range of variations and has also proved a popular and valuable collector’s item.
A great feature of this watch is that it has a skeleton case back. The watch style is really designed to strut it’s stuff – appearance and features as much as possible. It is definitely one to pass around the room to show off and to pass down through the family generations.
This is not as much of an all-rounder watch as the others we have featured so far. Much of it’s value is in it’s history. The water resistant rating on this one is a mere 165 feet/50 meters, so best kept for activities fair and square on terra firma.
This is a watch that puts itself out there, and it will take you with it. So prepare yourself with the history and background of this watch, because people are going to notice, and they are going to ask you about your watch. This watch will put itself and you in the limelight.
A variation on this watch is the Monaco Chronograph Black Dial Black Leather Men’s Watch CAL5113FC6329 – stainless steel case, black leather band.


Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Mens Watch CV2A10.FC6235
Click here to see more CARRERA WATCHES
The Carrera series of watches has it’s design deeply steeped in racing tradition. Inspired by the reputation of the Carrera Panamericana, Jack Heuer dedicated an entire collection of watch designs in honour of the acclaimed Mexican race. The first of the series of watches was released in 1963, using the manual caliber Valjoux 72. More recently, the watch has been manufactured using the company’s self-created Calibre 1887.
The Carrera Calibre 16 has been brilliantly designed to reflect the racing scene that it was inspired by. It has a lot of detail and an image of durability. I like the way they have effectively integrated the color of red.
Check out another personal favourite, sleek and black-Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Mens Watch CV2A10.FC6235


Wrapping it all up

When you buy a Tag Heuer Watch, you buy quality, craftsmanship and a watch that can last a life time or more. You simply can’t go wrong. And with the affordability of these Watches, it makes it easy for us to enter into the world of luxury watches. If this a gift that special man in your life, then be prepared for some wild reactions.Click here,If you need additional tips on how to match your watch with what you wear.

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I like the Aquaracer best, that it is water resistant, can function for real life, but still looks classy enough to wear to the office. A great idea – will add this to my gift idea list. Thank you!


    Thanks Dawn, we are glad you like it.


Hi! Very nice watches! I think my husband would love the Carrera Calibre 16 – not too fancy, plus he’s a motorsports fan. I’ll have to keep this in mind for Christmas. By the way, do you know what the warranty is on this watch?


Very nice looking website. Great job. These watches are very nice looking watches. My husband cannot wear gold or silver bands. One of these just might work for him.


    That’s one of the things I like about these watches too – the bands have great grip for all types of occasions.


I’m in for the Sporta Formula 1. We are divers and need something tough and waterproof to at 40 meters. Day into evening too, which is very useful. Definitely a watch that you never need to take off. Thanks for the great review!


Such beautiful watches! Whenever I see Tag Heuer watches advertised, I always say to myself that one of these would be a lovely and very special gift for a man. Thanks for the great information you have here on the different models. This may be the year my husband gets the Carrera Calibre. I know he’d love the pops of red!


My birthday is coming up, so I will be passing this along to my wife for ideas 🙂 I would definitely go for one of the sporty watches. Thanks for the article!


    The sporty ones look great, don’t they? Thanks for stopping by.


This is a concise report on the Tag Heuer brand watches! I’m hoping to become rich one day, and if I do, I’d consider one of these watches for my bling, because they have a great reputation as a great quality watch within the luxury watch space. I’ll be bookmarking, so I can refer back to this later when I have my rolls of cash 😀


    Thanks for dropping by Nick, pop over and follow us on FaceBook, where we will post about what we are doing every month. Cheers

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