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Boyfriends Birthday?  Want gift ideas?  Wenger Swiss Watch is a perfect option.  Buying a watch can be overwhelming, with an avalanche of choices – how do you choose the right watch, especially if it is a gift for someone else. There are a lot of factors to consider. What is the purpose of the watch – outdoors, work, going out, specific functionality.  Does it have to be made out of a specific material, digital or chronograph. How much do I want to spend?

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The decision about which watch to select can be an exciting journey and also rewarding when you find

that perfect gift for someone. Not only does the watch have the ability to reveal your personal style but a smart choice can also become a wise investment. That is why we are looking at Swiss made watches, as they are revered as some of the best quality watches in the world.

Consider your lifestyle and hobbies when you select a watch. For example, you may want to select a leather watchband if you plan to wear your watch in the office or at functions, but is probably not suitable while you are exercising or near water. It is also important to determine if you need a watch that is more casual or formal looking. With the watches we will be talking about in this segment, you may find a watch that is an ”all rounder”, or a watch that will fit into your collection as a “Purpose piece”.  We will be looking at Wenger watches in this article as they cover a broad aspect of watch styles, and they have the ability to cross over styles and still be classy.
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Who and what are Wenger watches?

Wenger watches are an entry-level watch for Swiss made quality. They have a range of styles from active wear to office and event wear but their main focus and attraction is that they are a military watch.

Made in Switzerland, Wenger’s devotion to perfection and close attention to detail portray the classic Swiss quality you would expect in a Swiss made watch. Wenger and it’s sister-company, Victorinox , are well known for engineering Swiss Army

Knives for the past more than 100 years.  The Wegner watch is held to the highest standards in precision, quality and craftsmanship.

Wenger watches are the military cousins of the original genuine Swiss Army knife, and they are just as necessary on the battlefield and in life as well. They are the makers of the best military standard Swiss watch, which I know will excite many men out there.  If this is a gift for the man in your life, you cannot go wrong with a military style watch. This is a good gift ideas for boyfriend. 

For most boys, some of our childhood heroes are that of the military background and we can find that connection through owning a watch that will embrace that part of our own heart.

Using their extensive experience in manufacturing, Wenger started to produce military style watches. In addition, they also produce an extensive range of other products including drinking bottles, pocket and kitchen knives, and camping gear.

Mr. Peter Hug, President of Wenger International says. “We construct our watches with the same devotion to quality and craftsmanship as Wenger manufactures the famous Swiss Army Knife for more than 100 years.”

Are Swiss watches better?

Yes, yes they are. The Swiss are world renowned for their history of making quality and attention to detail products. They make some of the world’s best food products including chocolates and cheeses, with famous brands like Nestle, Lindt and Nescafe to name a few. They are also famous for their PAMP Swiss gold products and have always been the industry leaders in manufacturing quality products.  This includes watches with world-class brands like Tag Heuer, Omega and Breitling.  The Swiss have pioneered the watch revolution from the beginning – long before any other country.  When you invest in a Swiss watch, you are paying for piece of mind and that your watch will give you many years of service. It is quite possible that it will become a piece of your family’s history to pass on to the younger generations.


Why buy Wenger?

Manufactured in Biel, Switzerland, Wenger are a simple and honest timepiece and they focus their men’s watches on being as multifunctional as possible because they may need to be worn in a seemingly limitless amount of different circumstances. However the women’s Wenger range has more of an elegant design focus.  They still can be trusted as a durable timepiece for even the most adventurous woman out there. With a price range that can suit any budget for a wide range of watches, it’s hard to beat if you are looking for a high quality piece at an affordable price. A Wenger watch is symbolic of style, functionality and quality, and its owner can always know that of all of the equipment and tools they carry, their watch will never be the part that lets them down.

Wenger watches three-year international warranty: 

guarantees your Wenger timepiece for 36 months from the date of purchase subject to the guarantee conditions. The international guarantee covers faulty material and workmanship only. When buying online, make sure you check that website’s warranty policies, as they may vary from site to site.

What is their Range like?

Here is a snapshot of some of the Wenger series, however it is not their entire collection.  They have watches in their range that are stand alone specialised pieces, like the Aquagraph 1000m watch, or the Traveller alarm pocket watch with a very specific design quality.

For the outdoor adventurer and military style watch, you will probably find one that suits you among the series listed below:

  • Sea force divers – military standard professional diver’s watches up to 1000m.
  • Squadron – with a variety of styles to choose from, this is an adventures watch.
  • Commando – one of my favourites, with a real military look and feel.
  • Battalion – classic military style watch that will help you lead the charge.
  • LED nomad – has a built in compass for the traveller.  No matter where you are, you will not be lost.

The next series of watches are a different class of time pieces. They are suited for day-to-day wear – if

going in to battle means going into the office, you may want to consider something less aggressive.

  • Terragraph – with a variety of watchbands including leather, these are a classy step up.
  • Grenadier – with a more sophisticated look, while holding true to it’s military roots.
  • Roadster – with a wide variety in this range, it’s hard to just choose one.

Now we are heading into the fashionable part of the range.  None of these watches would look out of place when you are dressed up and about to head off for a special night out.

  • Urban Classic – with a variety of styles and bands to choose from.
  • Platoon – classic looks with the options of gold-like trim.
  • Edge – more elegant style, completely different looking watch.
  • Field Color – low key, very unassuming watch packed with quality.
  • Urban Metropolitan – would look great with a suit.
  • Urban Vintage – the top end of the range if you’re looking for sophistication.
  • Hipster – better make mine minimalist with a dash of style.


Not sure which Wenger watch to buy?

Here we will discuss in depth a few of the ranges of watches available.  We will cross over some of the styles and price ranges but feel free to click on the link to explore the range for yourself.

Commando Chronograph

This style of watch is my favourite, with the classic military look and matching durability. This is the adventures watch. The Commando watch will fulfil the childhood dream of becoming a war hero. So

girls, if you are looking for a gift idea for your boyfriend, look no further – the choice is here. With more than 20 different styles within the range, there is a watch for your man.
For an all black look including a black stainless steel band, the Wenger Commando Chrono 70825.XL what I would call the Bad boy of the Commando watches. But the Wenger Commando 01.1243.101 has a nicer touch with its blue face and tan leather strap, while still holding true to the Commando series. The Wenger Men’s Commando Patagonian Expedition Race Watch 70890 is an all black stainless steel watch with rubber watchband, which is perfect for all your outdoor adventuring or conquering enemy territory.

Click on the Watches below to get a price from Amazon, or click here to view a wide range of Commando Watches http://amzn.to/1Z7Kbo2

Here is what other people said about the Commando Watch-
After reading some of the review for these watches, some of the other customers said that they had this watch as a casual sports watch , it was heavy and well built, solid and strong.the band was thick and durable. The watch itself, was easy to operate and it was not complicated. This was a “Mans”watch, it makes a statement without drawing to much attention to it. This is a comfortable watch watch to wear, and the comments they made were, they were happy with the purchase and they recommend this watch to others.



With a more robust look and size, this range of watch doesn’t hold back with the shiny stainless steel expression, however they still carry a few of the all black watch if that is what you are into. They also have some very unique looking girls’ watches, for those ladies that want to take on the whole world

one adventure at a time. You will find that there is an affordable and comfortable price range that will suit you, especially with this class and quality type watch. This style is still clearly a military class of watch, but can be changed up with a variety of colors and watchbands. Some of these watches simply look outstanding, however, check the dimensions as they can be quite large and are not really suitable if you wear long sleeve shirts.

I like the look and flexibility of the Wenger 60758 Black Stainless Steel Watch Set with Two Interchangeable Bands, they have thought this through, offering you two interchangeable watchbands, giving you more bang for your buck. Outstanding. On the cheaper end of the scale, the WENGER Squadron GMT 77075 is defiantly worth a look this classic and stylish watch is a crowd pleaser, with an option to upgrade to a stainless steel band, for an additional cost. Don’t go past looking at the Wenger 77060 Squadron. I love the look of this watch, with its stainless steel casing and band, working with the blue watch face. This is just a stunning piece of craftsmanship that even others will admire.

Click on the Watches below to get a price from Amazon,or click here to view a wide range of Squadron Watches http://amzn.to/1Z7Lgfv

Here is what other people said about their Squadron watches-
I found some of the people that bought Wenger watches, also bought multiple Wenger watches, and they end up buying them as gifts for other people because they were so impressed buy them. The also commented that Wenger is a winning brand, and having one was a great experience. Superb quality and keeps time well. Light, durable, sturdy and reliable. It was however a little bigger than expected. Another person commented that it was better than his Rolex, because he could wear it every day. Others commented on the quality and style of the bracelet, it was appealing and well made. The instructions that came with the watch seemed to be inaccurate, but they found uTube videos on how to adjust the watch.(Thank God for uTube). This watch comes highly recommended to others, and owners are looking forward to buying more for there collections.



So you’re thinking what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day. I really love this whole series.  We are now looking at watches that cross over into a more dressy kind of style, while echoing it’s military roots. This watch says, ”don’t mess with me”, whether you are in a foxhole or in the copy room, this

watch will not look out of place. This is the “all rounder” and can almost be worn at any time.  It will tell others that sitting still is not an option for you. You could easily tell your co-workers that you jump out of planes on the weekend and kill wild animals, and your watch is proof. Attitude.

Wenger 01.0343.105 Men’s Attitude chrono Stainless Steel case and bracelet black dial  – sleek, stylish and functional.

Wenger Attitude Men’s 01.0343.106 silver watch – that blue watch face gets me every time.

Lets look at the ATTITUDE Men’s watches 01.0341.108. I personally love this watch, and is currently under consideration for going into my collection.
Click on the Watches below to get a price from Amazon, or click here to see a wide range of Attitude Watches http://amzn.to1NY5tDT

Here is what other people said about their Attitude watches;
After looking for review about the Attitude watch, all i found was a very upset owner, Warning all prospective buyers to be aware that Wenger will not guarantee there watches if you take them to an uncertified operator to get the battery replaced. So, this my come at a cost to you, if you need to send the watch away, plus, you will also experience time lost buy not having your watch as it may take 2-4 weeks to get your watch back.

Well that didn’t go to plan. I was expecting some glowing review about how amazing this watch is, and all I got was this… I suppose this is a reminder that like most manufacturers of all sorts of high quality goods, they require specific dealers and service people to have authority to carry out work on your watch. You would not take your BMW into a Toyota mechanic to have it serviced or fixed. Watches are no different, especially when it comes to Swiss engineering.  So you may incur some expenses and time lost if you need to send your watch away for any repairs.

All good watch brands will have certain requirements to maintain the warranty, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s requirements before taking your watch to the nearest jeweller.


Get your skinny jeans on and your beard trimmers charged up. These watches are definitely on the

dress scale of watches, without being elegant or too classy. You will not be out of place wearing this

watch while you’re sipping on that soy latte when taking your Moodle out for a walk.

URBAN HIPSTER Men’s watch 01.1041.136 – all black dress watch.

URBAN HIPSTER Men’s watch 01.1041.138 – tan leather band for all                round appeal.
Click on the Watches below to get a price from Amazon,

Here is what other people said about their Hipster watches;

-There are no reviews for this watch, maybe its too cliché for a hipster to post a review about a watch on Amazon……….. 😉

At the end of the day, when you choose a Wenger Watch, you choose quality. And if this is a gift for someone else, i am sure that it will be worn with pride and with the envy of all of his friends. And if this is a gift for yourself, you will have many years of enjoyment from your trusted Wenger Watch. So feel free to follow the appropriate links to choose a watch that will suit you and your look. Also check out our other pages to be inspired for other gift ideas for when the time comes, or if you like them that much , just go ahead and treat yourself.

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Robert downey Jr shows off his watch collection:

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Wow, I love the Urban Hipster watch for my husband but will somehow have to get one for my Christmas stocking as well I think. The styles are very nice and the prices are not too bad at all. Thanks for the review, I had not even looked at the Wengers before.


I find the military ones you mention so manly. It’s rare to see anything but an Iwatch these days. So sad.

Do any of these watches have fitness functions like tracking steps?


    Hi Elizabeth, the watches here are Chronograph, they do not have any smart functions. Thanks for checking out my review.


I’m interested in getting a watch for my wife. It would be something for everyday wear but still durable for outdoor activities. The Squadron series 6075B looks like a really good one for her, especially with the flexibility of the interchangeable bands. Do you see any downside to this choice? Thanks for the review!

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