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Birthday ideas for Wife or Girlfriend – White Diamond Watch

Ok boys, now it’s crunch time. Now is the chance to get your loved one something that she can really swoon over. You have the opportunity to make a big impression with some of these ideas.    You can make all of her girlfriends jealous, and all of their boyfriends turn their heads in despair – as you are about to discover gifts that will impress for years to come. And that will leave you as the king of gift-giving.

Lets start with looking at watches. Women love jewellery, and what is more functional than a watch. So I think this is a great opportunity to get her something special, and it can be worn most of the time, not just for special occasions. The last thing I want to do is spend good money on a gift that will only be worn a few times a year. This way, I can get something special and it can be worn most of the time. You are about to see some of the most attractive watches on the market. I will also give you a price range that will suit all budgets.

Not all diamond watches are beyond reach, some of them are affordable, while staying attractive and look like they cost more than they really do. Read on for some informative reviews on our favourite watches, or click to go to Amazon      Click Here for Diamond Watch for Her


Are diamonds really a girl’s best friend?

There is an old song/saying that still rings true today, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Is this still relevant today? Yes, yes it is.  The love affair that women have had with diamonds has not stopped. Diamonds captivate with their everlasting presence and the high value that is placed on them. Diamonds are just fascinating and people are always drawn to them.




Click on the Watch to get a price from Amazon

Can I get away with buying fake diamonds – it’s cheaper?

Sure, you can buy fake diamonds for cheaper, but if you want to make that kind of decision, be prepared to answer people that will always ask – and they do – “are they real diamonds?”. I own a number of pieces of jewellery that have diamonds in them, including watches, and I get asked from time to time if the diamonds are real. So I get to tell them that they are real, because they are. So there is no need to lie or try to impress people with something that is fake. At times, people don’t believe me and actually look up my watch to see if I am telling the truth. You need to be confident that what you have is real, or be prepared to tell people that the diamonds are fake. It makes you feel better every time that you tell someone that they are real and they have no option but to be impressed.

Some diamonds are affordable. There is this idea that diamonds are expensive, and yes, some of them are, but with what we are looking at here in this article, the diamonds used for this kind of product are affordable.

What is a diamond accent – is it a real diamond?

Yes, diamond accents are real. This is a descriptive term used to describe the class/style and way the diamond is used. Accent diamonds are smaller and usually have a simple cut. They are used in a way that it is not the focal point of the jewellery piece. In this case the watch is the main focus and the diamonds are there to “accent” or complement the watch. So for diamond rings, you would have one main diamond, with smaller accent diamonds to enhance the primary stone.

Are diamond watches a good investment?

Unless you are buying a high-end watch, like an Omega or Rolex, you will not see a monetised return on a timepiece like this. However, the real investment on a purchase like this is the investment that you make with the person who is receiving the gift. A quality purchase with the added allure of diamonds will speak volumes to your loved one, as diamonds last forever, and so the implication is that your love will last forever as well. Diamonds have a voice all of their own and will speak for you as well.

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Lets have a look at the top picks.

Starting with the more affordable watches and working our way to the more luxury end of the scale, lets look at the trusted and well liked Bulova watch.

Bulova Women’s diamond bracelet watch white dial

  • Curved crystal with rose gold metalicized rim, pitched white hands
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • 14 diamonds

Typifying Bulova’s world trusted feel for fashion, the Bulova Women’s Diamond Watch categorically exudes class and sophistication for a watch in this price bracket. If they don’t ask, then don’t tell that you got this watch for a song. The mother-of-pearl face sits beautifully in front of a silver and gold-toned bezel, stainless steel band and diamond-lined bezel for an elegant, feminine look. A stainless steel case and mineral window house the reliable Japanese quartz movement and present an understated analog dial. A fold-over clasp with double push-button safety keeps the watch securely where it belongs. The piece is also water resistant to 99 feet, but it’s good looks are best shown off above water.

This is what other people said about their watch

  • Excellent product, perfect condition, wife loved it, she did think it was a bit heavy at first, but after seeing it on and all the compliments she gets, she doesn’t mind.
  • Really pleased with the watch, cant wait to show my friends so they can comment on it as well.
  • This was a birthday gift – it’s beautiful and timeless, elegant and understated. If you buy this watch for your girlfriend, you cant go wrong. The diamonds sparkle.
  • She will be impressed.
  • Beautiful watch and feminine, but not overdone.
  • Mine went through the laundry, and is still perfect.
  • Great anniversary gift.
  • Great item, great price.
  • I was disappointed as the diamonds are too small, I would have spent more to get bigger diamonds.

Well, that last comment is not what I was expecting, however I want you to be clear that this is not a very expensive watch – and the diamonds are real. So the trade-off is that they are not really big. The diamonds are accent diamonds, they are not the focus, but they are there to enhance the overall look of the watch. But overall this is a stand out watch with a lot of great reviews and happy owners. This is a quality buy at a great price.

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Another Bulova watch

This is another great buy that has a lasting impact that won’t have an impact on your bank balance. This is a stunning piece that will turn heads.

The Bulova Women’s Diamond Bezel Watch is a striking timepiece with extraordinary details. Featuring a silver analog dial with chronograph functionality, diamond-accented bezel with 16 accent diamonds that set off the silver stainless steel bracelet, this watch has a robust style teaming up with feminine grace.

This is what other people said about their watches

  • Eye catching, gorgeous watch.
  • Very elegant, great watch.
  • Stunning watch and looks impressive – I’m glad I got this watch.
  • I wear this watch as my everyday watch.
  • Its not to big or bulky.
  • This is exactly what my wife wanted for her birthday.
  • I took mine to the jeweller, and they confirmed that they were real diamonds.
  • I am in love with my watch.

There were many more positive reviews about this watch. I am sure that if you buy this as a gift, you cannot go wrong. I found it interesting that people had taken their watch to a jeweller to find out if they were real diamonds. This is a classic example of the whole connotation that diamonds have. When you mention diamonds, a lot of people think that they are out of reach for the everyday person to own. There is such a romance with diamonds – you will want to wear the real thing. And when people ask, you will want to be able to say that they are real and not be caught out.


Staying with the affordable range for now, but changing up the style.


The Swiss crafted, and deliberate style of the Invicta. The Swiss definitely know what they are doing when they build watches. They have been leading the way for the rest of the world when it comes to quality

craftsmanship. So I am pleased to present such a quality timepiece that is still very affordable. I love this watch, as it has a tomboyish look to it, but it still screams like a girl at a Beyonce concert. This watch has a more casual feel about it and would not be out of place if your girl likes to walk around in tracksuit pants and a bomber jacket. It also has enough class and style to be worn uptown as well.


Click on the Watch to get a price from Amazon

  • Swiss Quartz movement 16 white diamonds set on bezel
  • Flame-fusion crystal; White ceramic case and bracelet
  • Chronograph functions with 60 second, 30 minute and day of the week subdials; Day and date function
  • Mother of pearl dial with silver tone hands and hour markers; Luminous; Stainless steel crown and pushers

This is what other people said about their watch

  • I love this watch, money well spent.
  • I wear this watch non-stop, it looks great with the mother of pearl watch face.
  • Perfect size, just right.
  • I bought both the stainless steel and ceramic version of this watch. I love them. I wear them as my everyday watch.
  • The ceramic band is casually elegant.
  • It has the look of a very expensive watch and is better looking in real life.

After further research, I found some reviews stating that people were complaining about this watch and the lack of diamonds in them. They were overall unimpressed with the watch. BUT, that is because someone had sold them this watch for $1495. Well it looks like they got stung! I probably would be underwhelmed as well for that price. Anyhow click on through to Amazon and check out their prices. You will find that it is very affordable and you get what you pay for.

Ok, its time to move on uptown a bit.

Luxurman Galaxy Watches 

Click on the Watch to get a price from Amazon

Click on the Watch to get a price from Amazon

I want to show you some watches that have more pow and wow. This is really going to turn heads and make an impression. I am going to show you two watches, both from the same series – all that separates them is that one of them is pink. There are other watches in the Galaxy series, but these two are my favorites. You can check them out here………
The Luxurman Galaxy Watches are a stand out, if you want to stand out.
This trendy White Ceramic Diamond Watch showcases 1.25 carats of authentic sparkling diamonds, and a unique blend of full 18K white gold plated band with ceramic, along with 18k white gold case and a lavish light pink/white mother of pearl dial encrusted with sparkling stones. This gorgeous women’s diamond watch features Swiss movement, and is conveniently water resistant making a perfect gift for any occasion that is guaranteed to last many years. And will hopefully keep you in the good books for many years to come as well.
This is what other people said about their watch

  • Elegant yet somewhat sporty.
  • Beautiful watch.
  • Looks incredibly classy.
  • Highly recommend this watch.
  • Happy with the high quality of this watch for the price.

I am impressed with this watch, and I’m sure your girl will be too. Don’t tell my wife, but this will be going onto the list for her at Christmas.

Keeping in a similar price range.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Another two watches from the same series with color changes – the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch. I have the men’s watch from the same series, and I am impressed with the quality and style this watch has to offer. I used to think that Citizen watches were just a cheap brand with a cheap look , but after I tried on the Eco-Drive watch , I changed my mind. It has a little bit of weight to it, but it’s perfectly fine. Eco-Drive watches use electrical power converted from almost any light source. This astonishing revolution changed forever the way watches could be powered. Eco-Drive removed the need to ever replace batteries.

With 32 diamond and rose gold, you are set to impress and stay classy at the same time. Or the stainless steel version with 32 diamonds has a clean and smooth look to it and will definitely stand out without being to pretentious.

Click on the Watch to get a price from Amazon

This is what other people said about their watch

  • I received this watch as a gift, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  • I wear it both to the office and also casually – looks great with a suit or jeans.
  • We were looking for the right watch, but the moment we saw this one it was “the one”.
  • On a fairly regular basis, someone compliments her on her watch.
  • She loves it.
  • It is the best watch I have ever owned.
  • I love the watch, but the band can scuff easily.

Wow, there are a lot of great reviews about this watch. There is a huge following of fans (me included, with my men’s watch). I also come across people complementing Amazon about their return policy, which take out some of the risk when making a sizeable purchase.

Now we are going to play with the Big Boys or should I say Girls…

Tag Heuer

Now the name alone will make people stop and admire…. Tag Heuer. This watch that I’m going to show you is just quality from start to finish. This is an elegant watch without going out of the way to create attention by being over the top flashy. This watch has been kept somewhat low key even though it has diamonds in it. Again we are going to see a blend of stainless steel, ceramic and diamonds.

Stainless steel case, stainless steel and white ceramic bracelet and white ceramic bezel set with diamonds. It also has a white dial with diamond hour markers. It is an outstanding ensemble of materials and design. Along with the Swiss quality and craftsmanship, you get what you pay for. This is a watch that will stand against time itself.

This is what other people said about their watch

  • Great price for an outstanding watch.
  • Our Biggest worry was if the watch was real or not. It was, and the watch is perfect!

(be mindful that Amazon has a wonderful return policy, they want to keep you as a loyal customer, they don’t want to see you get ripped off.)

  • After 16 years, it still works magnificently and is accurate.
  • Fashionable without being too flashy.
  • It’s a bit larger than a regular woman’s watch – check the size.
  • I got this watch for my wife as a 10 year anniversary gift. She loves it.

Well, that just about says it all, I guess you will have to buy the watch to find out for yourself the real value of owning a Tag Heuer.

The time has come

Well my friends, it’s time to make that decision on what to buy. I think the choice is easy. You can’t go wrong with a quality time piece, especially if it has diamonds.

You will be in the good books for a long time and win your self the coveted title of the “King of the Gift Givers”, and this can only lead to the prospect that now your better half will have to try and keep up with the quality of gift giving, so at the end of the day, you win too.

If all else fails, go and check out my other articles on Gold and if you are still undecided you can always grab an online Gift Voucher.


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